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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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Lego Creations

100 years of Starbucks in LEGO

WingYew takes us time traveling in an unnamed city with a MOC that spans a hundred years, from the arrival of streetcars to the proliferation of megachains. The dueling coffeeshops are replete with excellently detailed interiors and give a striking sense of how little has changed – and exactly how much has changed.

LEGO MOC - Now and Then

MOC Starbucks (15)

LEGO MOC - Penang Heritage Shop

How the West was really won

Paddy Bricksplitter asserts, “Many historians state that the continued expansion of the western frontier was driven by two main factors . The Acquisition of land and the widespread domestication and utilization of Dinosaurs.” Who am I to question history? These gentlemen have tamed themselves a pair of velociraptors, hitched one to their buckboard, and are headed across the vast deserts for greener lands.

How The West Was Won

The minifigs look to be amusing fellows, the buckboard itself is quite well-built, but it’s the placement of the whole scene on a brick-built base that sets apart this pseudo-historical vignette.


New Products From TokoLego

Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder

Harga: Rp640.000

Pertempuran melawan kejahatan Mask of Creation! Lindungi ical Mask of Creation! Protect the Mask of Creation in Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinde menampilkan fungsi lengan pertempuran, Topeng Staf Stealer dan penembak cepat. Mulailah pertempuran utama antara yang baik dan yang jahat dengan LEGO BIONICLE Masker pembuat vs Skull Grinder! Bergabung dengan Ekimu, Mask pembuat bijaksana, untuk mencegah Skull Grinder dari mengambil Mask of Creation. Aktifkan fungsi lengan pertempuran dan biarkan tempur dimulai! Menghindari Masker Stealer Staf sebagai Tuhan jahat dari Skulls mencoba untuk mengetuk off Masker Maker khusus Protector Mask. Membela dengan gergaji perisai berputar dan menyerang dengan Hammer dari penembak cepat Power. Anda harus menggunakan semua keterampilan magis Mask Maker untuk menang atas musuh yang jahat ini! Tengkorak Grinder memiliki tengkorak topeng dengan topeng pop-off pemicu, shell dengan logam-efek keren dekorasi dada, 2-lengan fungsi pertempuran, Masker Stealer Staf dengan 3 bilah kapak, pisau hook, tulang berwarna perak, tembus tulang rusuk dan posable sendi . Topeng pembuat memiliki topeng pelindung khusus dengan masker pop-off pemicu, keren logam-efek dekorasi dada, fungsi lengan pertempuran, Hammer Power dengan penembak cepat, berputar saw perisai, tulang berwarna perak dan posable sendi.

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