LEGO Alpine

This is a nice creation that you must see: a complete village with a train going around it and a gorgeous mosaic backdrop.

Name of Model: Alpine Village
Created by the Schubert family

This creation was displayed on the BrickFair, and I came across it at Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day
There are so many details that from this creation that you might get some idea from.

lego creation

P.S. I love the cable car

LEGO Racers – First LEGO Competition in Medan

In these few years, many LEGO events have been held in Medan. But does anyone know, what is the first LEGO event or competition being held here?

It was Sunday, 09 May 2004, located at the ex-Daimarutama Supermarket – Sinar Plaza
Theme : Racers Competition

Although it was the first competition ever been held, but the response was fantastic. Medanese were so enthusiastic. Kids and their parents came to join the competition, bringing their own LEGO Racers, which by then was one of the first LEGO product sold in Medan.

The competition itself was carried out in 2 phase :

– Build & race


Racing competition

– Race car modification


The local team has worked hard and get the best reward, kids and parents were happy, the event was a success and we continue with the next competition & event.



New LEGO Space Police

The LEGO Space Police has arrived.
Look at the cool set. The minifigs & the spaceship, I just love it.

The Lego Space theme features astronauts and spaceships. It was introduced in 1978. Space was one of the most expansive themes in Lego history, and contained over 200 individual sets. It was marketed under the Legoland banner until 1991. The banner’s name was changed to Lego System in 1992.

After 1999, the theme was dropped. It came back in 2009, but without multiple factions.

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Fun Facts About Lego

Sebagian besar dari anda mungkin sudah pernah membaca atau mendengar fakta tentang LEGO ini, tapi selalu mengasyikan untuk membaca ulang lagi.

Kita semua di sini telah mengenal LEGO. Tapi tahukah anda :

* Terdapat 62 buah LEGO brick untuk setiap orang di bumi
* Anak-anak di seluruh dunia menghabiskan waktu 5 milyar jam setahun bermain dengan LEGO
* Jika semua LEGO set yang terjual selama 10 tahun terakhir disusun dari ujung ke ujung, maka dapat mencapai dari London ke Perth di Australia
* Bricks LEGO diukur hingga ketelitian 2/1000 milimeter
* Produsen ban terbesar di dunia seharusnya dari LEGO Group, yang memproduksi lebih dari 300 juta ban (mini) per tahun
* Selama bertahun-tahun, sekitar 4 milyar minifig telah diproduksi. Jika dianalogikan sebagai negara, maka mereka adalah populasi terbesar di dunia.
* Sekitar 400 milyar LEGO elemen telah diproduksi sejak 1949
* Lebih dari 400 juta anak-anak dan dewasa akan bermain dengan LEGO tahun ini
* Jika semua LEGO set yang terjual dalam satu tahun disusun berderet, maka mereka akan memenuhi sebuah lapangan sepak bola dengan mencapai ketinggian 77,8 meter
* Disusun ke ujung, jumlah LEGO bricks yang terjual dalam satu tahun akan mencapai 5 kali keliling bumi
* Jika anda membangun 1 kolom dengan 40,000,000,000 LEGO bricks, maka ia akan mencapai bulan
* Terdapat 915,103,765 cara mengkombinasikan 6 buah LEGO brick

Have fun with the fun facts!