Izzo brings the heavy firepower

While some of us have been taking a LEGO hiatus, one of our favorite Japanese builders has returned from his own. After a break of more than a year and a half, Izo Yoshimura (Izzo’s LegoStyle) began posting new mecha last October. Izzo’s latest was inspired by some Hollywood concept art:

LEGO Izzo heavy fire mecha

It’s great to have him back, and apologies to our readers (and Izzo himself) for missing the resurgence of such a notable talent. For those of you new to LEGO fandom in the last couple of years, make sure to go through Izzo’s blog, LegostyleLog.

Belgium: World Champions of government formation

Occasionally, a LEGO creation emerges of such intriguing oddity that it requires a second and third look. Such is the case with “Someone needs a little bit of motivation” by Matti (Matn). Yes, those are French Belgian fries:

Someone needs a little bit of motivation

Apparently, Belgium has been without a government for nearly 10 months (292 days and counting). Click through to the photo page on Flickr for the entertaining description of the symbolism in Matti’s LEGO political cartoon.

Schfio’s adorable baby LEGO bunnies celebrate Chinese New Year

Hong Kong LEGO fan Schfio recently posted a pair of rabbits that are so cute I’m not sure what could be cuter.


Although we welcomed the Year of the Rabbit with our Japanese readers back in January, most of the rest of the world celebrates the Lunar New Year alongside our readers in China. To all our readers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an, Taipei, and everywhere else in the Chinese-speaking world, we wish you all 恭喜發財! May the new year bring peace, prosperity, and happiness wherever life takes you.