A Day at the Fort

Flickr user 2 Much Caffeine has created a compact little fortress for the Jolly Roger Competition over at ForbiddenCove. It’s simple, and that’s why it’s so successful. The white really contrasts nicely with the dark rock and brings out the structure as a whole. The courtyard in the middle is just like the real thing—the well, cannons, and door leading to the inside. I’m hoping this is part of something bigger…..

Courtesy The Fort as Isla D’Or by 2 Much Caffeine.

Town of Ararat in 1972

Tim Gould and Mike Pianta have created a terrific rendition of the Australian town of Ararat back how it was in 1972. Complete with angled city streets, train tracks, and very well-detailed terrain features such as the sand dirt and brick built trees, it’s easy to get lost in its detail. Check out more pictures on Brickshelf
Courtesy Ararat 1972 by gambort.

Home on the Range

This was posted a long time ago on Classic-Town.net, but after looking around on through Misterzumbi’s Brickshelf images, I figured that this diorama deserved to be shown again. The house, barn, cornfield (with accompanying crop circles), pond, tractor, and abandoned truck are absolutely fantastic. The amount of detail in this is astounding, and just proves how much one can do with LEGO. Awesome work on this one!

Courtesy Farm by Misterzumbi.

Seaside Church

Everything in this model just screams professional. The gate has a wonderful style to it and I especially like how the church is set at a slight angle to the otherwise parallel surroundings. The retaining wall is a brilliant idea and really complements the diorama quite nicely. Remember to check out the fountain area and the graveyard too!

Courtesy Seaside Church by Matija Grguric.

Along the Stone Steps

Some very intriguing roof techniques on these structures. Although, my favorite aspect has to be the basements. It’s the only viable way of doing them with LEGO, and avante did a superb job pulling it off. I could just imagine these sitting on the hillside of some small European town. Very cool!

Courtesy gamble by avante.


The alleyway adds some great character to this building. I really like the piping idea, something that usually doesn’t get added to models such as this. The windows are also really nice too, a perfect way to use those white goblets.

Courtesy tavern by xueren.

Brick Building

A simple, but very nice little brick building, whose walls are completely constructed out of a bunch of 1×2 plates. I especially like the turn-of-the-century feel to this model. It has a great old fashioned look it it. Good work here!

Courtesy Brick Building by legoadam.

LEGO Newsstand

A tiny little newsstand to complement any modular building. It is creations like these that rarely get built; the ones that are meant to supplement a major model and capture the day-to-day situations in life. I really like this model, I wish it was set all on its own! Good work, LG!

Courtesy LEGO Newsstand by lgorlando.