Prairie Style House

Very intriguing build. The wall along the sidewalk really catches the eye, as do the red and tan conflicting with each other. However, I think my favorite part is the glass-balcony walk out, great idea there. Keep up the great work!

Courtesy Prairie Style House by Jameson42.

Abundance of Dark Orange

Courtesy cheops from Brickshelf

A testimonial to why Dark Orange is such an awesome color, and yet, why is it seemingly impossible to obtain in large quantities (LUGs are an exception)? Take this as a hint, LEGO. People want this color, and it can do wonders for a model.

It’s far too expensive on Bricklink and Pick a Brick does not even offer it. I understand¬† that it might be a bit more expensive to produce such a color (especially just for adults), but wouldn’t it be more applicable to everyday models (sand/dirt, buildings, roads, terrain, etc.) compared to say, Bright Blue or Bright Yellowish Green?

So what do you as builders think?  Leave a comment or thought if you wish.


Courtesy psiaki from Flickr

There is a thing about European architecture that sets it apart from others. Perhaps it is the squished buildings lining the streets, or the variances in design, but whatever it is, Flickr user psiaki sure managed to capture the look and feel of a small European village. Better yet, this isn’t even “completed” yet! We all look forward to seeing where this one goes. Please get this project rolling, Mike!

Chili’s Restaurant

Courtesy Brian Lyles from MOCpages

I personally apologize for overlooking this, but to get to the point, this is why building in the Cafe Corner standard is so much fun. Anything can be built, and that’s why Brian Lyles figured, “Why not a Chili’s restaurant?” First off, the chili pepper is spectacular, along with its accompanying logo. The brickwork is superb and shows what one can do with an endless number of 1×2 plates. The building itself is well built too, with very nicely proportioned colors, like most modern buildings of today. There’s a lot of building tips that can be used in this creation, so take heed and maybe you can incorporate them into your own model someday. Look forward to more, Brian!

Classic Corner Kwik Stop

I really enjoy the look of this model from MOCpages user, Alex Mac. The stonework really gives it that classic convenience store look and the dark red roof just works very well for the creation. All it needs is a huge flashy sign out front!

Halloween Street

Halloween Street 1, originally uploaded by notenoughbricks.

The never ending season of tricks and treats. Toil around with ghouls and ghosts, but make sure to enjoy the build the most!

Cheesy rhyme, buy seriously, this is a fantastic build. The much neglected orange is a superb addition to this creation. Very well thought out!

Corner Office Building

Frontal, originally uploaded by valgarise.

I love the simple, art deco feel to this, intentional or not. The colors match terrifically, and I’m really liking that cornice detailing up top. Hopefully this will spur builders into some skyscraper construction!