Bringing Imperial order to the wretched hive of scum and villainy

Nikolai Mordan has built this awesome diorama of an Imperial base on Tatooine. It makes a fantastic backdrop for displaying LEGO’s UCS Imperial Shuttle, which looms ominously over the squads of stormtroopers and Imperial officers bringing the Imperial arm of order to the backwater oasis of Mos Eisley. I hope they find those droids they’re looking for.


Nikolai built this as part of a collaboration displayed at Wintercon, a Latvian geek convention.


100 years of Starbucks in LEGO

WingYew takes us time traveling in an unnamed city with a MOC that spans a hundred years, from the arrival of streetcars to the proliferation of megachains. The dueling coffeeshops are replete with excellently detailed interiors and give a striking sense of how little has changed – and exactly how much has changed.

LEGO MOC - Now and Then

MOC Starbucks (15)

LEGO MOC - Penang Heritage Shop

If Caterpillar Made Spaceships

I like to think they’d look something like this. Well, that is, if Cat were literally run by caterpillars. In any case, this is an awesomely original take on a space freighter by flickr user Lord Pappadhum. The unique shape is definitely the highlight here, but it’s also worth noting the huge number of colors he’s managed to incorporate without making the ship look unnaturally busy. Also, using those train tracks in that orientation: genius.

GHL Punk Not Dead heavy Tug

What’s Inside a Brick?

According to flickr user Tikitikitembo, there’s a whole city in there. This awesome microscale municipality fits neatly into the bowels of a brick-built 2×4. The blue lining on the box is a touch that works magnificently, and there are lots of neat pieces in the structures, ranging from the super old-school to the brand new.

Mini Lego city in Brick

The Great Wall Made Small

Flickr user lisqr has built this wonderful microscale model of one of the most impressive architectural feats in mankind’s history, the Great Wall of China. While the real Great Wall was several thousand miles long, lisqr employs a nifty series of connected vignettes to capture the wall’s serpentine path.

The Great Wall


Educational Benefits of LEGO

You know when your head hurts after staring at a really complicated model for hours on end? Well there is something going on underneath that noggin of yours. Check out this great little timeline and list of priceless benefits we get out of our favorite hobby. Thank you for letting me know about this!


The Learning Power of LEGO