Tardisblue’s Edgy Solar Strafer

Nick Trotta’s (aka Tardisblue) newest ship combines a superb color-scheme with incredible angles and a Vic Viper flourish to help finish out Novvember. The integration of the stripes into the wings and tail is wonderfully done, and the sawtooth edges on the forward struts give this ship a particularly aggressive look. Be sure to check out some of his other sweet ships, too.

Solar Strafer 3V

Hellow Lego Kitty

Jose Fernandez (aka Lego-man-at-arms) has fabricated a fantastic Lego version of that ubiquitously cute cat, Hello Kitty. The semblance is spot-on, and Jose has made great use of the limited palette of pink pieces.


A Two Horsepower Train

Taking the train medium back to the days of yore, this lovely creation by Matt Henry and his wife (aka Matt_Henry_Aus and tikitikitembo, respectively) makes excellent use of train motors and tracks in a medieval pastoral setting. It’s great to see Castle fans branch out and add motorized bits to their creations.

And even a Musketeer in the Chandelier

Seth Christie has concoted this riotous scenario of the dashing gentlemen Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, as they engage a befuddled company of the Cardinal’s men, to showcase the fantastic Musketeer figure from Series 4. Beyond the amusing bedlam in the tavern, this diorama is brimming with crafty techniques, like the paintings above the stairs, and the slate flooring.

Three Musketeers

Perhaps coincidentally, Seth has released this just in time to coincide with the awesomely-Steampunkish new Three Musketeers movie.

Elegant Antique Car: The Alvis TA-28

Marcos Bessa (aka Marcosbessa) may have invented the Alvis TA-28 solely to express its stylishness in Lego form, but you’d never know it. This classy car perfectly embodies the panache of the roadsters from the first half of the twentieth century. I love the smooth curves Marcos has achieved on the hood and fenders, and he could not have chosen a more fitting color-scheme.

The Golden Hinde

Brickshelf user T-Brick brings us this lovely replica of the Golden Hinde, the infamous ship of that gentleman-pirate, Sir Francis Drake. The real ship was used by Drake in his circumnavigation of the globe, one of the earliest such voyages, and only the second to be completed in a single ship. T-Brick’s version is particularly interesting, because he hasn’t used custom sails or rigging.

A Three-pronged Attack

And for Jon Walker (Jon1138), those three prongs are excellence, imagination, and the capacity to carry out his plans. It seems that every year, large spaceship designs get more innovative and more unorthodox in their shapes, and the Dalu planetary defense craft is certainly at the forefront of these original designs.

According to Jon, it checks in at 150 studs long, and 60 studs wide, making it deceptively large, and all the more impressive in its structural integrity.

A Prickly Sort of Fighter

This latest spaceship by T.Oechsner, a veteran of Classic-Space themed models, is certainly a beauty. All the antennas and other technical accoutrements are perfectly placed to give this spaceship a menacing, sturdy feel.

LL1110-07 THRA BAR

Everyone Needs a Couch

Lego Funiture Store 01
Courtesy LEGO Furniture Store by =DoNe=
I’m sure you always wanted to buy that $1200 dinner table set. Well now you can with the new furniture store in town. The old town style is really nice on this model, particularly with the large windows that are used. Looks like some recycled Green Grocer if you ask me!