“I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo!”

Well, not really. It’s actually a really great song by Glenn Miller, check it out sometime! But more importantly, check out this terrific layout of Kalamazoo, Michigan by Flickr member statlerhotel / d k. Not only does it feature the Kalamazoo County Courthouse, but also numerous other downtown buildings, such as the Grande Ballroom (see below.)
grande ballroom

Great job on this. This is why LEGO is so awesome.

Leave it to the Building

The level of detail on this model is spectacular. The logo on one side and the store name and mannequins on the other really catches the real-life feel of a clothing store. However, the best aspect for me in this build is probably the windows. The switch from the small window on the left with its own protruding roof detail to the larger, more prominent windows on the right makes the design so much better. The colors work, the design works, and the name works. What’s not to love?

It’s Pretty Fancy….

Courtesy 1913 by Noro
A unique approach to the modular standard. The variation in details is superb, especially those vertical gray tiles which break up the white really well. The car is a great touch too. Very turn-of-the-centuryish if I do say so myself! Great job!

Classic Red Barn

This took me about two months to produce. It originally started out with a really basic roofless frame of the building with any sort of brick I could find—mostly yellow and blue. From there I counted the pieces I needed and ordered a good amount of red 1xX bricks. Another order soon followed to complete the roof and grass.

By far the trickiest/irritating bit of this whole model was the top most roof sections. They can’t just sit on there, or else they slide off, pushing the middle roof section off in the process. So I had to place them on little hinges, which worked pretty well, aside from the fact that they leave little gaps near the top.

I’m really happy in how this turned out. I’ve never built a barn before, and now I finally have!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Welcome to the Ararat Hotel!

Courtesy Ararat Hotel by gambort
I think I have an obsession with hotels. Coming from a small town, we lack that elegance and style of an old fashioned hotel looming over the downtown, and that’s exactly what this model brings to mind. Great job all around on this one!