Cosmic Fleet Voyager

Shamisenfred has just posted the first segment of what I hope will continue to be a great project. He is building a remake of the classic space set Cosmic Fleet Voyager.

Cosmic Fleet Voyager 2012 (front part)

I’m enjoying the style of this remake, the rounded fuselage has a cool anime vibe to me. The round body together with the stuby wings can’t help but feel cute. The windows on the side are also just pure win.

Tough but Fair

This new ship by Marcin N (martin86bb) has a vibe I really like. It’s a little ugly, a little boxy, and it all just works. It reads as a utilitarian space ship, and like it was really designed purposefully. The builder doesn’t describe the function of the ship, but I like to think it could be the space equivalent of a tug boat or shunting locomotive.

There are just enough details around the engine section to really work (and I’m always a fan of a little hexalateral symmetry). The chairs as fins are also a nice touch.


The Right Shot

Sometimes, getting the right photo of a creation seems to be as important as the construction itself. A poor photograph can reduce a great creation to mediocrity, and a great photograph catch the eye, drawing the viewer in to examine more closely.

The latter was the case with this vertical tank by Ribbitz over on flickr. When I saw a thumbnail of this photo in my contacts’ streams, I had to take a closer look. While I might like it if the gun weren’t slightly cropped out, the composition is still quite nice. The viewer gets the impression of a hulking, heavily armored artillery vehicle. In fact, the creation is quite small, and reveals nicely detailed legs.

HAU 'Seaside' Vertical Tank

Nice Curves

This little artillery platform by Théo (Titolian) is simple but looks lovely. I quite enjoy the curved cross-section, as well as those incorporated into the front. The part use for the back of the missile pod (a fire truck basket, if I’m not mistaken), is also quite nice.


The Great Emancipator

With my latest creation in the Iron Mountain Legion theme, I wanted to add some levity. It’s a post apocalyptic military force, but I imagine their grip on historical record might be a bit lacking.

Linear Neuralnet Cyborg unit 1 (LNC-1)  04

I imagine them recovering a prewar robot, and deciding to turn it into an inspirational tool, as well as a weapon. I also just thought that the idea of a robot Lincoln was hilarious, and once I thought of it, I had to build it. The name, of course, adds to the joke, Linear Neuralnet Cyborg 1 (LNC-1).

Let’s play ball!

Check out this mecha by The Magic Tuba Pixie over on flickr.  This thing has some great functional looking greebles, especially along the back.  It certainly looks like there are pistons and stuff that help this thing move.  Add in the posability of this thing, and you’ve got a great creation.

Diomedes Soccer

Cuteness Overload

I was stunned when I came across this photo in Cole Blaq‘s flickr stream. The colors in the thumbnail seemed so intense that I had to take a closer look. I have to admit, I never thought I’d see someone use those tentacles for anything other than tentacles.

Flower Power VTOL

Fluffy Bunny

Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) has just posted a cool mecha that he calls “Fluffy Bunny.” While it certainly doesn’t look fluffy to me, it does have a bit of a resemblance to a bunny. I also suspect that he may have found some inspiration in artwork for the upcoming film Sucker Punch.

Fluffy Bunny

Whether Andrew was inspired by that art or not, he’s done a wonderful job. The ear-like antennae on the body of the mecha really add to the bunny feeling. He’s also used just light touch of pink (a rare color, to be sure), that adds a bit of character to the creation.