Galactic Empire

LEGO and art deco (to use it in a very loose sense) are a fairly common and often obvious combination. The basic curves of LEGO lend themselves very well to that wonderful era of design. With his Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater Sonicstarlight has taken it a bit further than most by adding some details that aren’t so readily achievable such as the mosaics and other mild details. I shan’t attempt to get in on the architectural description game but I really do appreciate the extra work and effort to add these details. And each building even has an interior.

Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater

This is NPU

I freely admit to getting frustrated by the amount of ‘NPU‘ (Nice Part Use) I see thrown around LEGO models. The acronym was originally used for a part being used cleverly in a different circumstance. Both these examples feature such a use. Nowadays it seems to be used for just about anything. This, dear readers, is wrong (to para-borrow a phrase from Twee Affect).

We need more flame units!

First we have Joshua Morris (I scream clone) who demonstrates a classic NPU by using a turkey on Mr Potato Head’s nose and croissants as his eyebrows.

some kind of Rally Car...

Secondly Robert H. (Robiwan_Kenobi) uses loads of parts in unusual ways but the most notable ‘NPU’ is the little airvent made from the end of a skiflipper.

Note how in each case a very specific part has been reused in a novel way. That is NPU.


I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to a specific LEGO project finally coming to fruition. So seeing the words “as complete as it is going to get” appear on Jonathan Lopes’ MOCpage tonight was some pretty spectacular news. This is actually Jonathan’s second iteration of his urban landscape and he’s really taken lessons from his earlier layout to make this one better.

Jonathan Lopes LEGO NY

Jonathan’s chief specialty is his mastery of urban decay which adds a level of authenticity rarely seen in shiny plastic. I’ll be going through the layout pictures in detail.

Unfortunately I’m half asleep right now so will have to add the rest of this blog post tomorrow. But if ever there was a model I wanted to put up ASAP it was this one. Expect a longer version.

Thanks to some pet related drama I didn’t have a chance to update this. Short version of what I was going to write is as follows: check out each picture in detail, especially for the dirty bits as they’re what really makes it grand.

Dark bley war machines

Sure I could have made these two blog posts but to my eyes these two LEGO models look like they could be from the same universe so I’m indulging my imagination and putting them together.

First is the Fast Attack Vehicle by Kyle Vrieze (bermudafreze) in three variants. The whole design is cleverly built at an angle.

Fast Attack Vehicles

Secondly an older model F-90 ‘Comet’ by Joe and Will Merzlak (Brothers Merz) uses lots of hingeing and angling to give a brutal insect feel. And it’s a truly lovely photo to boot.

F-90 'Comet'

Tablescrap Robbery

Tablescrap Robbery

Most people are satisfied with simply uploading a bad picture of their LEGO tablescraps and adding them to their group. Nothing so simple was on the agenda for Brent (thwaak). He arranged, narrated, photographed and edited. And I’m glad he did.

Got Gundam?


I’m going to go for a negative/positive post today and begin with the caveat that I find those 80s, over the top, bits sticking everywhere, insane Gundam’s quite ridiculous. But when you build a LEGO model and it looks as good as Aaron Williams’ (m_o_n_k_e_y) it stops being ridiculous and starts being sublime.