The future of luxury is now

For my latest creation I wanted to use the unique canopies from the UCS Slave I set. They formed a nice bubble so I decided to build a futuristic bubble boat. The initial photos taken against a standard poster board backdrop didn’t do the model justice, so I decided to photograph using real water dyed with food coloring.

Bubble Boat

Barreling along

Graham Gidman reconstructs the barrel escape scene from The Hobbit with stunning landscaping techniques. The use of the SNOT techniques to sculpt the rock formations creates an organic look to the landscape. The flow of the water blends seamlessly with the rocks to the point that it looks like actual water from afar. Take a closer look and you’ll appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this build.

Barrels Out of Bond

Scaled model of Charlevoix Public Library

Paul Vermeesch created a model of his local Charlevoix Public Library to be permanently displayed at the library. I very much like the combination of colors including the subtle usage of medium blue and dark orange.

Commission - Charlevoix Public Library

This compilation of side views make sthe model look like it fits in with the Lego Architecture kits.


Space cargo ship: The Boundless

The 5 days that Evan B. (Lego Junkie.) spent to build this space freighter belies its quality of construction. The distinct shapes and chunks of color on the cargo containers give this SHIP an organized appearance and thus doesn’t require much work on the eyes to follow its contours.

The Boundless.