Majestic LEGO rover rolls across Mars

Jeremy Williams brings us a stunning LEGO rendition of a Martian rover, inspired by Mark Watney’s vehicle in the film The Martian. The levels of realistic greebly detail on this model is amazing, adding immensely to the sense of realism. Couple that with some excellent photography and you’ve got a cracking piece of work.

LEGO martian rover

The model has a detailed interior and features twin-axle steering, independent suspension, and 2 (count ’em) Power Functions motors.

LEGO martian rover

LEGO Mars rover interior LEGO Mars rover interior

As soon as he posts a video (hint hint), then we’ll update this post to show the rover in its full glory. Fabulous stuff.

Flying boats make a forest stop-off

Check out this fantastical scene from Brother Steven. We’ve got medieval-style treehouses, a brawl in a bustling marketplace, and a tethering tree for magical flying boats! Excellent work all round.

Gentleman of Fortune

This model pulls of a difficult trick — creating a scene with fantasy elements which still manages to feel realistic. It’s well worth clicking through to the original image and zooming in to see all the lovely detail on display in the marketplace around the base of the trees.

Beautiful Taiwanese temple is a masterful model

Big LEGO spaceships tend to capture a lot of online attention, but this is the sort of model which people should spend ages drooling over. This Taiwanese temple from delayice is simply stunning.

vintage temple

The roof grabs the eye with its lovely pointed corner ridges and the smattering of studs for texture. But don’t miss the lovely landscaping around the temple itself — an attractive mix of round tiles for stones and green plates for grass. And then zoom in on the original photo to see how the builder has cleverly mixed shades of brown to create a realistic feeling of aged and worn woodwork. This is a fabulous model.