Bionicle Reader: Challenge Of Mata Nui

Product Description
Ackar must teach Mata Nui how to fight. But when Ackar is attacked by a rock steed, Mata Nui faces a true test. … More >>

Bionicle Reader: Challenge Of Mata Nui


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  1. I bought this book along with “The Secret of Certavus” and “Desert of Danger” for my son who was very interested in the Bionicles and we wanted to learn more but I did not believe the movie would be appropriate so I bought these. Reading is better than watching. These three books are like old Greek lessons with excellent messages about personal control, perseverance, determination, patience and respect, of yourself and others. Hard to believe but true. All the lead characters are nice and have something to learn and overcome. No one is really hurt, no one dies and the “bad guys” are robot/monsters. Is there some “fighting”, of course, these are warrior heroes and boys just like fighting and beating bad guys. We discuss the lessons that the hero learned. Can’t recommend them enough. Old fashion message but in a modern context that appeals to todays boys. Depending on your child, appropriate for 4 and up.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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