Heavy Corvette Thakrar

I have no idea what the name means, but that doesn’t make this ship any less awesome. Robb (Dasnewten) has graced us all with another fantastic creation.

It crams in myriad angles, as well as nooks and crannies. There’s also some great surface detailing mixed in, not too much, and not too little. The overall effect is quite believable as a functional space craft.

Heavy Corvette: Thakrar

Kowe’on Sanctuary

Edit: Apparently the name is “No Ewok” backwards, which makes sense, because there is an Ewok in there. :)

The tree itself is a knockout, but the action and whimsy that surrounds it makes this creation something special. I Scream Clone has it going on.

Lego Forestmen Treehouse Kowe'on Sanctuary

Mister Clone was nice enough to humor me when I asked for a new overall shot. Thank you!

A Warrior Born

I admit…I don’t look at a lot of custom minifigures. But there are, on occasion, those that give me pause. This is one of them:

Created by geoshift, the detail work is impressive and the paint itself is very clean. It’s stunning. Of course, looking at the rest of the photostream, I realize I’ve clearly been missing out. Take a look. You won’t regret it.