Finding Fortune

There are many things that draw me to this lovely little creation. The waterfall just jumps out, and I love the not-square base. Posted by David Leest, recently out of his dark ages. I’d say he’s coming out of those dark ages quite strong!

Lego Chili’s Restaurant

If you live in North America, then you’ve probably seen a few Chili’s Restaurants around town as noted by their unique logo with the chili pepper. Brian Lyles has captured the look of the restaurant and built a full interior complete with a bar and kitchen.

New Ironsides

This mecha doesn’t have quite as many guns as the USS Constitution did, but I’m sure it would carry as fearsome of a reputation. This is a job well done by kidthor. There’s a lot of great surface texture on both the body and the legs. I also love how well it balances on its tiny feet.

Ironsides 021

Abandoned museum

Many Cafe Corner style buildings begin to look the same after a while, but not this one by Barney Main (SlyOwl). I haven’t seen many dilapidated buildings, so it’s always refreshing to see something so old (as in run down). The bars on the windows are a great effect despite being simulated from tape. The mannequins inside are just creepy, and they probably come to life at night.

Boxy but in a good way

Chris Giddens (Fazoom) claims he made an ugly ship, but I like the ugliness of it. The ship has distinct sections indicated by texture and color and it reminds me of an ice cream sandwich. Mmm…