Get To Da Choppa!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve built anything with my own Lego, but I’m going to post something anyways. I built this light transport helicopter months ago, and have finally managed to get the photos together. I tried to spice things up with a little scene this time, although it may be too little for the helo.

Sparrowhawk Light Attack Helicopter 47

I’m a big fan of tilt-rotors, though I hear this is properly called a tilt-wing. Either way, the tilting adds a fun little activity, when swooshing this thing around.

Iron Mountain Legion Prowler APC

I’m sure it’s a surprise to see me blog about anything other than our charity auctions right now, but I’m giving it a shot. Here’s an APC for my Iron Mountain Legion military theme. I built and photographed this creation before my son was born in January, and I’m finally managing to get it uploaded.

Prowler APC 08

I built this to compliment the other creations that I’d already built for the theme. I’ve uploaded my initial sketch of the design, and hopefully, you can see a bit of my creative process. I tried to incorporate some of the details I used in the wheeled tank I built for this theme, including a similar front and headlight configuration, and beveled top. I also tried to add some APC functionality, like hatches, and a removable top (which I failed to photograph).

The Phantom Cart by Dali in Lego

My latest work is not something I typically build. It’s my first forced perspective build, my first imitation of a 2D image, and also my first time building a MOC for a single photo. You can see the original painting and its meaning on Flickr.

The Great Emancipator

With my latest creation in the Iron Mountain Legion theme, I wanted to add some levity. It’s a post apocalyptic military force, but I imagine their grip on historical record might be a bit lacking.

Linear Neuralnet Cyborg unit 1 (LNC-1)  04

I imagine them recovering a prewar robot, and deciding to turn it into an inspirational tool, as well as a weapon. I also just thought that the idea of a robot Lincoln was hilarious, and once I thought of it, I had to build it. The name, of course, adds to the joke, Linear Neuralnet Cyborg 1 (LNC-1).

From the unknown chasms of space

…comes my latest creation, a ship called Broken Regret. I strove for an ominous and organic looking craft by incorporating curves and spikes (best viewed on black). The result is something that looks much better in real life than on photos. This is due to the curves of the ship distorting our perception of its true shape and size (I had to do a lot of lens adjustments in Photoshop). Hopefully you’ll see what I mean when I post more pictures and a video in the upcoming days.

On another note, I want to mention that there are some incredible sellers on Bricklink who sent me last-minute parts to complete the ship at practically no cost. I’ve encountered many of you over the years, you know who you are, thank you.

3LUG Presents: Total Eclipse of the Xenogenetic Heart

My buddy Nick Kappatos and I once again teamed up to build for BrickFair. We can’t seem to tear ourselves away from crashed alien space ships as a subject, though I think we managed to change things up enough.

This year, we’re bringing the viewer to a bizarre sector of the sea. A shaman stands atop of the island, invoking the mysteries of the sea. Sea monsters emerge, as a UFO crashes into the ocean. Meanwhile, other inhabitants of the island battle to contain a monster escaping from a cage at the base of the mountain.

This year, Nick and I wanted to do something different, so we went to the sea. We also incorporated lights into this display, official LEGO lights which flash behind the eyes of the skull. We’re hoping to open up this sea-based concept as a community build at BrickFair next year, so stay tuned for an announcement with a standard.

3LUG Presents: Total Eclipse of the Exogenetic Heart 01

My M3 Half-track APC, M4 Sherman tank, & Dodge WC54 ambulance

I’ve shared in the past my ambivalence toward violent LEGO, but there’s something unique about World War II that has fascinated me ever since I was little. My grandfather and great uncle served in the US Army during the war, and I grew up in one of the countries that both inflicted a great deal of suffering and suffered deeply themselves before losing the war to the Allies.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really started enjoying the unique challenges presented by building a LEGO model based on something “real.” LEGO has interesting scale challenges, and I think too many LEGO vehicles are too tall or too wide.

My M3A2 Half-track has a three/five/seven-wide hood, with an eight-wide cab and crew compartment. It’s my favorite so far (even though the tracks should have four road wheels, not three).

M3A2 Half-Track (1)

I’m less happy with my M4A3 (76)W Sherman tank, which has to be far too tall to capture the right details in the suspension, and I missed the shape of the rear section behind the turret. Because it was my first tank, I spent a lot of time looking at tanks built by other builders — especially BrickMania’s M4A2, Phima’s M4A3E8, and Milan CMadge’s M4A3E8.

M4A3 (76)W Sherman Tank (1)

Because I come from a family of pacifist non-combatants and conscientious objectors, my convoy of military hardware wouldn’t be complete without a US Army Medical Corps Dodge WC54 ambulance. Like the half-track, the ambulance’s hood is three/five/seven-wide, with a six-wide cab. The recessed spare tire seems impossible at this scale, unfortunately, and getting the shape right means it does not fit a fig.

Dodge WC54 Ambulance (1)

Now to build some sort of massive World War II diorama to put these in…