City Adventures #2: Help Is On The Way!

  • ISBN13: 9780545150682
  • Condition: NEW
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Product Description
Where’s Bear? When Jessie’s dog is lost, who can help her find him. The crossing guard? The policeman? The fireman? Everyone will! … More >>

City Adventures #2: Help Is On The Way!

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  1. In this Lego City Adventure you almost have it all – Police, City Workers, and an Ambulance. It is the story of Jessie and her dog Bear. Bear walks Jessie to and from school every day. Then one day he is not there after school. Jessie runs home and he is not there. So she starts to look for him. Just as it starts to rain, she finds him stuck under a gate in the park. She finds a police officer to help her, and he calls in more officers. They call in the city workers and finally they get the dog free.

    The Leveled readers are great books for young children. There are hundreds of titles in these formats, even across different publishers. What makes this particular series, The Lego City Adventures, so good is that little boys will be attracted to them because of the format and styles of both the stories and artwork. I can see young boys trying to make with Lego the scenes to act out from the books. As a Level 1 reader geared for Kindergarten to Grade 1, this book is intended to help with sight, word recognition, sounding out simple words and sentences. The book is fun, bright, and colorful and will keep a small child’s attention.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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