Hero Factory Replaces Bionicle


Wizard World Magazine has revealed the pictures of HERO Factory, the successor of Bionicles.

The plot of the new line describes certain Heroes who fight evil across space and time, which pretty much sets the stage for an infinite possibility of expansion.

These new sets will be available on August 2010. Still no clue when it will arrive Indonesia. You can take a glance now.

7164 Preston Stormer
He’s the Hero Factory Alpha Team leader, having completed more missions than any other hero. Brave and tough, yet proud and competitive, he is armed with a built-in multi-functional ice weapon, featuring an ice saw, bolt shooter, and harpoon to stop anyone in their tracks.

7165 Natalie Breez
A Hero Factory rookie, training alongside Blaze, she is agile, a natural diplomat and always ready to give it everything she’s got. Armed with energized dual boomerangs and harpoon for climbing, she’s always ready to tackle any mission.

7167 William Blaze
A Hero Factory rookie on his final training mission, Blaze is smart, highly competitive and very confident. Armed with a dual fire shooter, he always has everyone’s back.

7168 Duncan Bulk
The toughest, strongest hero on the Hero Factory Alpha Team, Duncan has built-in heavy multifunctional metal weapons which shoot metal spheres, helping to protect everyone from danger.

7169 Mark Surge
The youngest rookie on the Hero Factory team, Surge is a little clumsy, yet highly competitive. He tends to have problems landing his hero pod, but his skill in manipulating his electrical shield, armor and lightning weapon makes up for it.

7170 Jimi Stringer
The most highly advanced hero on the Factory’s Alpha Team, Stringer is armed with a built-in multi-functional sonic weapon.

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