How Do Flippers On A Lego Pinball Machine Work?

I am building a lego pinball machine and i have got the pullback right and the coin slot working but for the flippers they keep getting stuck! I use rubber bands but they dont always work and i have tried springs but they are way to strong. Any Sugestions? Oh by the way im only 12 so i would like to only use legos not tecnolegy (Im a very bad speller!!!)

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  1. Congratulations on trying your luck at building a pinball machine! If you aren’t already a pinball player (real machines, that is), give them a try — it can be a very fun hobby. And as you get older, you may want to look into buying a used machine of your very own.
    But in the meantime — if your flippers are sticking when you use rubber bands, there’s two things I’d suggest:
    1) If you haven’t already done this, try lots of different sizes of rubber bands. It could just be that the ones you’ve used so far aren’t ideal for that purpose.
    2) If you’ve got rubber bands that seem good, but the flippers just stick some of the time, try a tiny amount of WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil, or something similar. Just a small drop should be plenty. Put it wherever the flipper seems to be sticking.
    Good luck!

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