Lego 7191 Ultimate Collector Series X-wing Fighter

Product Description
Patience, patience. The 1,304-piece LEGO X-Wing Fighter set is a serious investment in time, but the finished product is breathtakingly cool. Eighteen inches long, 13 inches tall, and 8 inches wide, the finely detailed model includes hinged wings and an R2 astromech droid figure for added realism. Once you’ve completed the model (the visual instructions are fairly easy to follow), set it on the black plastic base with product details from the Incom Corporation. The … More >>

Lego 7191 Ultimate Collector Series X-wing Fighter

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  1. I brought it in France during my honeymoon (together with the Tie-Intercepter) and finish the Tie right after I brought it in the hotel. After this, I put the X-Wing on my desk for 6 months. And finally, I made it last night for 5 hours! I don’t know why can I wait for so long as I remember how much desire I want to own it when they released. May be, the Force is not with me this time.

    As for the same of the Tie, it is not for kids on either the size and the price. But you have no excuse to ignore it if you call yourself a hardcore Star Wars Lego fans. So …… wish the Force be with you ……
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I have to say I am quite a bit underwhelmed by this item. I have collected legos for years, and have most of the starwars lego ships adorning my entertainment center. I was really impressed with the other entry in the ultimate collector series, 7181, Tie Interceptor, but this one left alot to be desired. The model is very heavy, the wings feel flimsy (I know heavy and flismy in the same sentence sounds like contradictions, but see one, and you will know what I trying to say here). This is the first lego starwars model I have felt the need to glue together. It looks great, just feels overheavy in all the wrong places, and light in all the wrong places. Also, I hate adding decals to legos. That was the whole point of the silk screened pieces, no decals. My recomendation, look at one carefully, and talk to someone who as built it before investing. It’s a very expensive model for all it’s flaws.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. As soon as I saw the model I had to own it. The Lego designers have surpassed themselves with this model, and it is almost as if Incom themselves had a part to play in the design. The model itself has everything, from the shield generator, to the proton torpedoe launchers, and of course, the ability to “lock s-foils in attack position”. The more observant Star Wars fan will also recognise “Rogue Squadron” markings on the s-foils as well as the finely detailed cockpit interior, complete with targeting display and adjustable control stick and pilots seat.
    Overall, not too challenging to build and it makes a great display piece.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. This was a great toy!!! I gave it 3 for duaballe because its engenies fell apart….umm err yea not because of me though heh heh.It is just great to look at!!!!It had a neat cockpit but it did not shut the full way… Overall it was edgucational becaus of special eye and building with gears functions. Overall it was a gret toy a must have for all Collecters!!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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