Lego Bionicle Limited Edition Collector Set #8998 Toa Mata Nui

  • 366 pieces
  • 8998

Product Description
The legendary hero is ready to battle the evil Tuma for the freedom of Bara Magna. This giant-sized version of Mata Nui features a special edition golden Mask of Life, shield, spiky Thornax launcher and the amazing sword he carries in the new movie! Includes two Life Counters…. More >>

Lego Bionicle Limited Edition Collector Set #8998 Toa Mata Nui

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  1. Well you asked me so here it is….My grandson asked for this bionicle Toa Mata Nui for Christmas. Well being a Grandma and wanting to fill his wish I ordered it on the internet from Amazon – Well what does Gramma know? I paid 83.67 and like a dummy paid 5.67 to have it shipped to my house. Sooooooo, I paid 89.28 for what I thought was a limited edition with a DVD along with it. When I received this wonderful box of a zillion plastic pieces some of which I had to use a magnifing glass to see, I was disappinted to say the least. And no DVD – it said on the box that there was not DVD included in the box, so I assumed (there’s that word assumed) it would be shipped separately because on the invoice it did say everything may not be in this one box. So I waited for the second box which I assumed (that word again)would come before Christmas. I was getting a little worried and not wanting to dissapoint my grandson, so I e-mailed Amazon and asked when I could expect the DVD – I did not receive a reply from anyone.

    Why would this box,a limited edition say DVD not included in the box? If there was not a DVD available why print DVD not inclued in the box????????

    But here is the kicker – I went to Toys-R-Us to do more shopping and low and behold what did I find? A limited edition Toa Mata Nui for ARE YOU READY? 59.00!

    AND GUESS WHAT – NO SHIPPING. If I would have had time to send it back to Amazon and not pay shipping I surely would have done so. And I could have bought him another gift for what I saved.

    Will I do this again HECK NO!

    I thought by ordering it through Amazon it would be a lot cheaper. What a dummy I am.

    I am retired and live on social security and my funds are limited and I have 4 grandchildren. That extra would have come in handy especially that we did not get a cost of living raise.

    You asked how the toy was and gave me stars to rate the toy but you didnt give me any stars to rate your pricing and delivery charges well here is my own star rating its a great big zero and if I could go lower it would be in the minus area.

    Signed a very dissapointed and unhappy Gramma but a happy grandson.

    Rating: 3 / 5

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