Hj. Rahmawati Sofyan Raz

Lego Collector – Hj. Rahmawaty

Name : Hj. Rahmawaty
Place/Date of Birth : Maninjau/ 09 Mei 1956
Occupation : Head of YP.Shafiyyatul Amaliyyah (National School), Medan

Started her experience with LEGO back in 1987. During her first pregnancy, she watched a television showing kids playing with LEGO and promised herself that her son must play with it.

There was no store selling Lego in Medan in 1987. Only on her husband, Mr. Sofyan Raz, business trip to Japan, she has her first Lego set. It was intended for the just born baby. But her husband bought her a Lego system which was not suitable for baby. Instead of her son, she was the one who played with it.

She was soon attached to it and till today has had more than hundreds sets of LEGO she does not know to count. She has her private LEGO Gallery at her school.

Some of her collection :

And she will be adding more.

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