lego collector
Name : Jonathan Angkasa
Age : 20 tahun
Occupation : Semester 6, Faculty of Medicine, University of North Sumatera
City : Medan
Province : Sumatera Utara
Country : Indonesia

Here is what he says about himself :
My parents have great influenced in my early stage of playing with LEGO. They wanted me to know and play with the ‘in’ toys then. Vacation at 1999 in Singapore was my first acquaintance with LEGO and I got attached with LEGO StarWars. Since then I started to collect sets of LEGO Star Wars.
That was untilĀ  year 2003, I felt that it was hard to get LEGO Star Wars set, and the price were getting more and more expensive. Added with the feeling of not a kid anymore, I stopped my hobby on LEGO Star Wars and moved to other hobby.

On Year 2004, I understood that LEGO is not for kids only, in addition to my passion, I started to play with LEGO again and collecting more LEGO Star Wars sets.

In year 2005, I joined the LEGO Building Competition in ClubStore, Medan and managed to win the 1st place.

To date, I have 42 LEGO Star Wars sets and plan to add more. My biggest LEGO Star Wars collection is 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer, UCS, with the lenght of 90 cm and weight approximately 5-6 kg, took me 48 hours ( 2 days ) to build it.

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