LEGO Concorde cuts away from the runway as 65,000 bricks take flight

LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught has been busy unveiling some fantastic new creations at Brickvention Australia. We showcased his incredible LEGO minifig-scale 120,000-brick sinking Titanic, and now we take to the skies with LEGO Concorde.

Ryan has chosen to build the iconic supersonic aircraft Concorde in miniland-scale. Building  Concorde in LEGO is cool, but it’s only when you see the other side of the build that the really impressive details emerge.

LEGO Concorde

While one side shows the complete aircraft, the other is an ingenious cutaway view that shows a slice through Concorde.


LEGO Concorde

At just over 4m long (over 13 feet) and some 65,000 bricks, Concorde took Ryan and his team 188 build hours to complete.  The cutaway view includes all sorts of great touches; the cockpit with knobs and switches, a galley area with croissant ready to serve, a jumble of luggage in the cargo hold and the inner workings of the landing gear.

LEGO Concorde

Check out the massive engines on this supersonic beast.

LEGO Concorde

I couldn’t spot any snakes on this plane

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