LEGO Game Books: Castle Mystery

Product Description
From the depths of a mummy’s tomb to the exciting world of LEGO space, here is a unique set of novelty game books based upon popular themes from LEGO-one of the world’s best-selling toys. State-of-the-art computer graphics bring LEGO figures to life; puzzles, riddles, mazes, and quizzes teach children to follow complex instructions and improve their mental agility. Encourages children to use logic, helps them to grasp abstract concepts, and solve more complex word a… More >>

LEGO Game Books: Castle Mystery

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  1. Like the Legos themselves this book involves the young reader. The word selection is an excellent vocabulary builder. To solve the mystery the reader must solve several word problems using, math, logic and common sense. It is a fun experience for the reader, the pictures are great the story line is clear and concise. The book also teaches some history as well. I highly recommend this book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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