Lego’s Dress Performance : Fergie



Your imagination is your limit!
This goes best with LEGO. You can made whatever you can think of with LEGO, including your stage costume.
Catch Fergie during her performance with the Black Eyed Peas at the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday.

Fergie looked festive and fun in a custom-made Lego dress, replete with a plastic-looking black bustier and colorful shoulder pads. The singer matched the look of her dress with bright orange eyeshadow.

According to the LA Times, the dress was the creation of Los Angeles-based designer Michael Schmidt. “It was built on a corset to give it structure, but all of the external stuff was made of Legos. The sheets were formed in hot water to create a structre around the body.”


Lego Dress

kids choice award

kids choice award

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