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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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2016 – Year of Monkey

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Lego Creations


Bart De Dobbelaer amazes me with the intricacies of his scenes and the action that he packs into them. The scary aliens/bugs in this scene are pretty wild and the backdrop highlights the action perfectly.



I’m fairly sure I’ve never been ten-pin bowling. I’m even more sure that Dave Shaddix has. From the mosaic on the wall, to the hotdogs on the grill, this diorama has everything I imagine a bowling alley should have. And more.

Keep Those Balls Rolling!

Futurey Heli

I’m so used to seeing excellent teensy spaceships from Rodney Bistline (Buster) that I had to check twice that I had the name right. I did. This delightful helicopter combines Rodney’s gorgeous use of shape and colour with a more contemporary design. I want to see more near-future stuff from you, Rodney. Got that!

Futurey Attack Helicopter