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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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Lego Creations

The Allied liberation of Venlo, 1st March 1945

Maarten W is proving himself the master of the LEGO street scene. We’ve previously featured his Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and desert market creations, but this WWII-inspired diorama is his best yet. It’s a recreation of the moments when Allied forces liberated the Dutch town of Venlo on 1st March 1945.

the liberation

The damaged buildings are beautifully done, giving a sense of what the townsfolk must have endured as the battle raged around them. Maarten has included numerous small vignettes throughout his diorama, such as the American GIs interacting with the survivors.

the liberation

The details of the left-hand house are particularly poignant — the remnants of the upper-floor telling a tale of shattered domesticity. And whilst I’m not a “dog person” myself, even I can appreciate the message of hope for the future as one of the townspeople finds his pet amidst the ruins.

the liberation

Like a troubled bridge over water

On a bright spring morning, troops from two nearby castles converged at one of the bridges of County Madison. Fat trout could be seen swimming in the creek below, and all agreed that it was a prime spot for fishing. But no one could decide who should make the first cast. As things often went in the era of Castle, violence ensued and blows were traded. By the time the melee was finished, all the fish had been scared away. The moral of the story? Isaac S. makes pretty awesome medieval bridges.
Aindrea Bridge

A tall tower stands alone in the woods, looming

Farwin Castle by Brother Steven is one of the most striking pieces of castle architecture I’ve seen recently. This exceptionally tall, spindly tower still manages to capture an elegance of proportions, looking mysterious yet stately. Unlike many contemporary medieval themed builds, Farwin Castle doesn’t employ much of the precariously complex stonework that’s in vogue. Instead, its strength lies in its solid geometry and fascinating dimensions. You have to wonder what purpose this tower serves. The home of a lovesick, ascetic prince? The prison for a lunatic mage? The guard tower on a dangerous border? Whatever it is, we like it.

Farwin Castle

Brother Steven says this castle is part of a larger collaborative display, where multiple builders created locations from the same world, so don’t miss the fantastic stable from the collection that we already highlighted.

Farwin Castle


New Products From TokoLego

Family House

Harga: Rp397.500

Bermain keluar rutinitas harian Anda di Family House! LEGO Juniors Family House termasuk dapur, kamar, kamar tidur, kamar mandi, kolam renang, sepeda, 3 minifigures dan anjing hidup. Buat tak berujung menyenangkan keluarga di Mudah Membangun LEGO Juniors Family House! Dengan unsur-unsur mulai cepat untuk mendapatkan bermain mulai cepat, Anda dapat bersantai di ruang tamu, menyiapkan makanan di dapur atau bermain di kamar tidur di lantai atas. Menikmati barbekyu di halaman belakang, bermain dengan anjing atau berenang di kolam renang di hari yang panas. Pergi pada naik sepeda di sekitar lingkungan sebelum mandi di lantai atas di kamar mandi. model LEGO Juniors dirancang khusus untuk mulai mudah dengan batu bata LEGO. Termasuk 3 minifigures: ibu, ayah dan anak, ditambah anjing. Fitur Mudah Membangun Family House dengan dapur, ruang tamu, kamar tidur anak, kamar mandi, kolam renang, area barbekyu, rumah anjing dan sepeda. Juga fitur membuka pintu, jendela, lemari dapur dan kotak.

Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-up

Harga: Rp600.000

Hobgoblin menyebabkan kekacauan di kota dengan nya Goblin Glider dan menyala bom labu, sehingga Anda mengirimkan Spider-Man dan Ghost Rider untuk pertempuran jalan! Naik Ghost Rider sepeda dengan kecepatan penuh dan menggunakan rantai api untuk menghentikan setan. Kemudian menggulingkan Hobgoblin dari atas lampu lalu lintas dengan Spider-Man Super Jumper!

Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle

Harga: Rp2.540.000

Jembatan diserang! Bekerjasama Spider-Man, Spider-Girl dan Scarlet Spider untuk mengalahkan Green Goblin. Tapi hati-hati Kraven Hunter merangkak keluar dari sarangnya rahasianya, dan hati-hati untuk ekor berbisa Scorpion ini. Menyelamatkan taksi dengan web sebelum terjun off jalan raya, dan melindungi Bibi Mei dari Green Goblin bom-kemudian menyala labu mengumpulkan semua penjahat di penjara web!

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