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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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2016 – Year of Monkey

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Lego Creations

Vintage hot rod en route

Master car-builder Andrea Lattanzio‘s latest is a brilliant hot rod. The car itself is a great little model, but — as ever — any LEGO creation looks even cooler when a builder spends quality time on presentation. Andrea’s road scene is a cracker — custom signage and telegraph poles combine with classic desert elements like a cactus and cow skull to create a quintessential Route 66 diorama. Yep, this setup is packed with cliches, but who cares when it looks this good?

Route 66 and Ford "T" Roadster

Scenery aside, it’s worth taking a proper squint at the hot rod. Don’t miss the chromed exhaust pipes and the wiring around the exposed engine. Just looking at this thing makes me do vroom-vroom noises in my head.

'23 Ford Model T roadster pick up: from SoCal to Oslo.

Onward Comrades! For the Tiny Revolution!

P.B. spends his time building fabulous microscale walking tanks and artillery units. This one, in Jovian Regimental Colors no less, is a little cracker. The tank carries an impressive level of detail for such a small model — delivered through effective color blocking and a nice depth of texture. I love the use of bucket handles to add detail to the legs — I haven’t seen that before. But the undoubted stars of this show are the teeny-tiny figures — the crewman and the Commissar — effortlessly carrying off some Communist-era chic with their little red scarves. Well played Comrade PB, well played.

TU-138 with Commissar and Crewman

Lording it up in a lakeside castle

LegoLord says he hasn’t built anything for four years, but this impressive castle shows those skills haven’t grown rusty through misuse. The landscaping and lake are nicely done, and the fortress itself has a realistic feel, as if it had been built over centuries, reinforced by a succession of nervous Lords. Far too many LEGO castles are starkly symmetrical, whereas this build has different heights and styles of tower dotted around the external wall.

Dawn Lake Castle

Zooming in on the details pays dividends — don’t miss the central keep atop its plug of rock, tan walls and red rooftops offering a nice contrast to the surrounding gray and brown. But it’s this close-up view of the walls which reveals the effort LegoLord has gone into to avoid the dreaded BGW — “Big Gray Wall”. The buttressing, the scattered inclusion of textured bricks, the nicely-placed patches of foliage — all come together to create a convincing impression of weathered stonework.

Dawn Lake Castle


New Products From TokoLego


Harga: Rp47.500

Setelah anggota suku Trashoz lainnya telah membersihkan sampah ringan, Mixel ini mengurus hal-hal yang benar-benar besar. Gobbol bisa menelan apa saja dengan mulut ganda pembukaan. Tapi jangan tertipu-ini tempat sampah beroda sebenarnya agak cerdas dan tidak berbicara terlalu banyak sampah.

AT-ST™ Walker

Harga: Rp999.000

Bergabung dengan perburuan pemberontak kapal AT-ST Walker, menampilkan kaki posable, roda-diaktifkan memutar bagian atas, membuka kokpit dan menetas atas mengungkapkan minifigure rinci interior, dual penembak pegas dan mengangkat senjata di depan. Termasuk 3 minifigures.

Imperial Assault Hovertank™

Harga: Rp799.000

Bantuan Chirrut pertempuran polisi berpatroli di jalan-jalan di Assault Imperial mereka Hovertank. Dengan kokpit dua minifigure berputar dan mengangkat senjata turret dengan dual penembak pegas, mengangkat senjata sisi, membuka, wadah penyimpanan dan ‘hover terlihat’ roda transparan, Imperial Assault Hovertank adalah yang paling kendaraan patroli perkotaan. Termasuk 3 minifigures.

Imperial Death Trooper™

Harga: Rp595.000

Membela elit Kekaisaran dengan angka kematian Trooper buildable dan sangat posable ini. Menampilkan senapan blaster dengan pegas penembak, pistol blaster dengan sarung dan memaksakan elemen armor dihiasi termasuk pauldron dengan kantong amunisi attachable, Death Trooper tahan lama ini siap beraksi.

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