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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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Lego Creations

James May’s LEGO House Demolished

Few months back, James May created a huge LEGO house out of 3.3 millions bricks. It was the largest unglued LEGO structures then.

It was cleared that plans for Legoland to move it to their theme park in Windsor fell through because transport costs were too high and despite a final Facebook appeal for someone to take it, no-one came forward. It was expected as high as £50,000 pounds to dismantle it and reassemble it.

After dismantled, the bricks will be sent to charity.

Ok, let’s take a look at this largest LEGO structures.

Well, it wasn’t really 100% LEGO, it was built around a wooden frame.
lego house

lego house

This is the picture of James May sits among a pile of Lego shapes which have been made of individual bricks. More than three million will be used to build a house which he has vowed to live in for a few days
lego house

Located at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, this was a 2 storey  house sports a working bathroom, and is covered inside and out with bricks pieced together by 272 Legos (that is what James May holding on the pictures)
lego house

The view through the lounge window, all components are genuine Lego toy parts
lego house

Functioning closet and shower. Would you like to try?
lego house

James sits on his Lego bed. With Lego sheets, Lego pillows and a Lego mattress. Ough, should be hurt sleeping on that hard bricks.
lego house

Photo source at flickr, dailymail, topgear

LEGO Movie : Will There Be?

Yes, we have watched the Bionicles DVDs. But, what about bringing LEGO minifigs in a movie? Will it happen?

As published by, Warner Bros is developing a live-action/animation movie based on LEGO. This is all due to the success of Transformers and GI Joe (both are Hasbro figures)

The film is being put together by Warner Bros in association with LEGO company. Lego has famously been fiercely protective of its property in the face of regular Hollywood overtures, but warmed to the idea of a family-oriented flick embracing its key values of fun, creativity and boundless imagination.

The Lego movie will be a mix of live action and animation – presumably CGI, though the idea of a stop-motion take has a certain appeal. Dan and Kevin Hageman,are penning the script. There’s no director yet attached and no cast, though the red spaceman from 1985’s Lego Space Shuttle Fuel Truck Kit is said to be angling hard for one of the main roles.

Movies will raise more awareness for a brand, helping it to sell more while helping the studio makes more money by promoting movies which has been known by people.

So, when can we watch the first LEGO movie?
While waiting why don’t we catch the movie character which will be made LEGO by 2010 i.e. Toy Story

LEGO Pirates Event


LEGO Pirates is one of the best LEGO event ever held in Medan.

LEGO Pirate

For 3 weeks, Sun Plaza guests experienced the “LEGO” environment.

Entering the mall main door, you will be greeted by “friendly” pirates from the mall customer service.

The main attraction of course will be the LEGO Pirate Showcase : a huge 6×8m2 display of LEGO City and the Pirates World

In the center of the showcase was the brand new 2.15m high pirates built up with 20,800 pieces of LEGO! The first pirate was built and exhibited in the US, and Medan has the honor to receive a brand new one from LEGO and be the first in Asia (2nd in the world) to show it off to LEGO fans in Asia.

I will be posting the rest of the activities on next post :
* Play Area
* LEGO Pirates Minifig Hunt
* LEGO Photo Building Contest
* LEGO Single Building Competition
* LEGO Parent & Child Building Competition
* Story Telling
* Meet & Greet with LEGO Pirates
* LEGO Pirates Building Happening


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