Beautiful, beautiful cheese floors

I’m consistently wowed by the geometric designs that Katie Walker fiddles with and frequently shares. It’s extra rewarding when she incorporates the results of her experiments into beautiful architecture like this grand staircase and mosaic floor.

LEGO Katie Walker Eilonwy77 Grand Staircase in Queen's Palace


Sometimes a build doesn’t need to be complex to be awesome. It just has to be really well designed. Cade Roster (Apocalust) has achieved this state with his tributes to LEGO Exo-Force.

More Exo-Tributes

55cm LEGO Ironman

I know nought about Iron Man but Alex Schranz (“Orion Pax”) was obviously a fan of the comic and has dedicated 55cm worth of ABS to recreating this armoured superhero. His dedication to recreating the ‘muscles’ on the figure really lend it a drawn air. And as an added bonus the light in the chest actually works. Superb building.


The keen-eyed will notice a slight difference between the most recent four shots and the rest.