Victorian Fantasy Fortress

Daniel García (AlterEvo) comes back from a half-year hiatus with this ground-breaking creation. The fact that it is actually a fantasy Victorian fortress makes it much more refreshing than yet another castle (not that I’m against castles). This almost looks like a combination of two models: a floating rock planted onto a town in the mountains.

Collectible Minifigures Series 5 – first high-res photos

Though low-res and group shots of Series 5 Collectible Minifigs have been circulating for a little while, I think this is the first set of “solo” shots at a high enough resolution to make out details and therefore be worth discussion.

Series 5 single shots

Photo hosted by Unknown User2596 (provenance unknown).

We don’t know what the official names are yet, of course, but here’s a list of the sixteen minifigs that the series contains:

  • Gladiator (Mirmillo, specifically)
  • Graduate (no Mrs. Robinson
  • Snowboarder
  • Gangster
  • Cave Woman (hair not long enough to be dragged by — how progressive!)
  • Lizard Man (continuing furry fandom in LEGO form)
  • Zookeeper (with monkey)
  • Inuit/Eskimo/Yupik/Inupiat Fisherman (let’s see how LEGO untangles that political minefield with the official name…)
  • Boxer (a poor boy, his story seldom told)
  • Clown
  • Redneck Canadian Lumberjack (proposed name updated)
  • Dwarf
  • 80′s Aerobics Girl
  • Cleopatra (with asp)
  • Coldstream Guard (ahhh, just missed the royal wedding)
  • Sherlock Holmes

Finally, a nemesis worthy of my vast intellect

Following his amazing GLaDOS from Portal 2, Brandon Bannerman (Catsy) miniaturizes a turret to minifig-scale (or near enough), alongside an adorable custom Chell fig, complete with ASHPD.

Chell, ASHPD and Turret

For all of you out there who’d like your own turret to keep you company during the long twilight of civilization, Brandon has kindly posted instructions.

Turret Breakdown

Another interesting thing about Brandon’s design has been watching it evolve based on feedback from fellow builders. See the earlier iterations here and here, together with the comments that inspired the final version.

Residential Revival

Courtesy Residential Houses by Brian Lyles
A very clean and sharp design to some residential homes. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been finding a lot of models recently using rare, or fairly unused, colors…and they look awesome. Keep it up!
Oh and instructions for this building should be available at his website, Brick City Depot.
*NOTE* I am aware of the new LEGO Modular Building (which is a Pet Shop!) being released May 10th. I’m sticking with the original rules and will be posting the official release only when it is available, if you want to see a picture of the set, head on over to The Brothers Brick.

New hardsuit frame design by Ironsniper

Even though I’m a sucker for adorably squat hardsuits, there are only so many gray, greebly little fellows I can take after a while. This new design by Chris (Ironsniper) made me sit up and take notice.


There’s some nice color blocking with the brown arm, along with one of the coolest details I’ve seen on any hardsuit, even though that knife may be quite useless to a mechanized warrior. But it’s the posability built into the shoulders, knees, and feet that sets this hardsuit apart.

Lawn Day on Planet X

Before the historic achievements of the Mariner, Pioneer, and Voyager probes cleared the mists of fantasy from our planetary neighborhood, even “hard” science-fiction like the early novels of Arthur C. Clarke posited the existence of flora (and sometimes fauna) on the surface of Mars, Venus, and our moon. There’s a certain sense of loss knowing that’s not true.

Joshua Morris (I Scream Clone) restores some of that wonder with this little diorama featuring a mushroom-mowing spaceman.

Lawn Day

Insidious Details

There are some nice detail bits, mixed into some great shaping, on the new space ship by Phall (Pha][_,][_,), The Insidious. He’s also done a great job of photographing the creation, keeping the details visible, despite the creation being almost entirely white.

My favorite detail is the curved panel piece that sticks out, revealing a little bit of greebling underneath. You can recognize it by the chevron symbol on the panel.