We All Need Robot Insurance

This was posted quite awhile ago on Flickr, but up until recently did I finally got around to posting it. Anyways, please check this building out. The amount of facade techniques on this thing is enough to speak for itself.

As it says in Rob’s description, Old Glory Insurance was the first insurance company to offer insurance against robot attacks. I never knew this. I’ve always just thought of it just as a joke, partly due to the Saturday Night Live skit (who Rob so graciously pays tribute to.)

Hide your medicine!


We don’t often see mecha like this one by Ryuhei Kawai (kwi-chang). It has a large chunky flavor, and barely a smooth surface in sight. The various bristles all seem to have a purpose (grenade launchers, radar, ammo, etc.) and it manages to work. The addition of pistons on the back of the legs, as well as vents on back, add to a purposeful, frontal assault only, look.


Now Just Build It!

Courtesy Town Build by ericblacky
I normally don’t post “digital” creations on here, but this was just too good to pass up. I really hope this gets built at some point. That dark red building and stone walkway that loops up around behind it is very cool. It’s a nice little neighborhood scene. Great job!

Times Gone By

The Central Fire Station in Rochester, Minnesota was built in 1898 and used all the way up until 1930. Unfortunately it was torn down, but this incredible model by (RTN LNA) keeps the building alive in both spirit and design. Truly an incredible structure. Check out his MOCpages for more pictures and a comparison to the real building. Hope you all enjoy it!

Going Old School

Courtesy 13th and Walnut Building by Shuppiluliumas

After a little break this week, Brick Town Talk finally returns with this terrific high rise building by Shuppiluliumas. The architecture and design on this structure is phenomenal; not too detailed, so as to take away from the original look but detailed enough to come across as a real building. My favorite part of this is  probably the tan bay windows shooting up from the third floor to the cornice. It has a very appealing look to it. Check out the inspirational building for a side-by-side comparison!