Joe versus the Volcano

Since it’s totally lacking a description of any kind I can’t say much about Bryce McGlone’s plans for this volcano. But what ever they are (if they are) I feel certain they’re going to be great.
Bryce dropped me an email explaining a bit more about this excellent MOC. It’s actually a collaboration between him […]

Mein lieber Schwan

While I don’t feel that the pictures entirely do this model justice Michael (Monteur) has packed in such an enormous level of detail I’d be remiss not to blog this. The attention to detail in the greebling and highly complex texturing in particular make this model a true standout.
Thanks to Holger Matthes for the tip […]

US Navy Whalers by Lego Monster

I love the sloped hulls on these WW2 era US Navy 26ft whaler boats by Ed Diment (Lego Monster). Great curves without clunky interior support structure. Very nice.

New BrickArms Combat Release

BrickArms has released new custom minifig weapons, including the Apoc SMG, High Caliber Sniper Rifle, Combat PDW, AC8 Assault Carbine, Longslide Automatic, Sawed-Off Shotgun, M203 Grenade Launcher, and Spy Carbine.

Colour me castle

It’s really nice to see so much colour in a castle creation. Wochenender makes great use of simple techniques in this technicolour manor. I’m especially partial to the birds nest on the dark blue roof.

Another Dark Bley Creation

This one is mine, though. It’s an addition to the Iron Mountain Legion theme that I’ve been tinkering with on and off lately. I wanted to keep with the overall style of that theme, which meant large bulky armor pieces. It also requires somewhat comic proportions, hence the tall turret.
I wanted this […]

The Great Buddha of Kamakura withstands typhoons and tsunamis

One of my favorite day trips from Tokyo was visiting the Great Buddha of Kamakura. Space2310 continues his series of excellent Japanese LEGO models with a microscale Amida Buddha.

Like the real Buddha in Japan, this one has little windows on his back so visitors can look out. The cherry blossoms add a wonderful touch to […]

The eyes of the world were upon them

Milan CMadge has been building LEGO versions of the Normandy Invasion for nearly a year now, culminating in his latest diorama featuring a German bunker built into the cliff (complete with interior), a pair of LCVP “Higgins Boat” landing craft (one more fortunate than the other), and even an amphibious Sherman tank.

See detail shots on […]

Eurobricks presents the Star Wars Epic Scenes Contest

Wanna win a white Boba Fett? Eurobricks has just announced this awesome prize for their Epic Scenes Contest that runs from June 1 – 30. The rules are basically this: build a Star Wars scene that’s either 16X16, 32X32, or 48X48. The winner of each category will get this rare minifig.