The LEGO Book

  • Book collection that celebrates Lego History
  • Wonderful photo archives
  • Full of inspiring ideas
  • Hardcover copy with 200 pages

Product Description
Reveal, explore, and celebrate the fascinating LEGO® story in The LEGO® Book. From its beginnings in a carpenter’s workshop and the development of the first plastic brick, to the group’s current position as an international brand, a timeline highlights key moments in LEGO® history.

Fascinating facts on every significant LEGO® product line, theme park, video game, artwork, competition, club, collectible and more combine with images from the LEGO Group’s … More >>

The LEGO Book

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  1. I am returning this book along with the Lego Star Wars DK book that I ordered. I will take a hit on shipping but these are not worth keeping. They are just glorified Lego catalogs. MIght as well get a Lego catalog for free. I thought that they would be different – like have ideas for making new things with the Lego sets.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I purchased this book for my 8 year old son for Christmas. He is a MAJOR lego fan. He loves reading and getting the Brickmaster catalogs from Lego, plus all of their item catalogs, so I thought a nice book about Legos would suit him well. Although he hasn’t recieved the book yet, I am 100% positive he will LOVE it. After the book came and I got a chance to look through it, I am very impressed. Lots of vivid bright pictures of past, present sets…Lots of interesting info. He really enjoys the tiny little details of all of the sets and minifigs,and you get to see them really well. It also comes in a great “boxed set” with the extra Minifig book. What a great bonus! I know he will really enjoy reading this book. I am excited for him to get it!! I actually would think this book would be more expensive, but it’s very reasonably priced for the quality of this book :) And shipping was extremely quick as usual with all of my amazon purchases.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I orderedthis book for my son for Christmas. It arrived in two days! Although it hasn’t been opened yet, it looks like it has a lot of info. I think, no, I know, he is going to love it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. The LEGO Book / Standing Small is a nice set of reference books / coffee-table books, but is not the end-all be-all reference that I hoped it would be. This set definitely leans toward the casual fan (either child or adult), rather than the hard-core LEGO maniac. However for the price, it is a worthy addition to a LEGO reference library if only for the images.

    To date, there has not been a single volume that could be considered the definitive reference for LEGO including the history of the company, the LEGO philosophy, and the product lines (to date). To get a reasonably complete set of reference (as described in previous sentence), you currently have to purchase many books, some of which were never available in the US. These include LEGO BOOK MUSEUM Vol.1 Minifigs & Sets Visual Catalog (Japan), 50 Years of the LEGO Brick, LEGO Collector’s Guide, The Ultimate LEGO Book, The World of LEGO Toys, 50 Years of Play, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen en LEGO (Netherlands), The LEGO Train Book (Europe only), and a handful of various LEGO (System), PRIMO, and DUPLO books / catalogs (Europe only).

    It would be nice to have a single tome that could be considered THE reference including manufacturing histories, parts, sets, patents (both those in produced sets / pieces and those referenced by the patents used for production items), etc. in addition to the history of the company and the design philosophy. Granted this would end up being aimed at a much smaller market with a much higher price tag, but it would be well worth the publisher / author / LEGO company’s time and effort.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. My son is 25 years old and we had years of Lego play with sets and with Legos. Now I have two grandchildren who are starting play with the large Legos.

    This book is like a walk down memory lane. It is fun to revisit the various Lego people and sets that we had over the years and read the information the book contains.

    The pictures are fantastic and if you are a Lego fan, this will bring back memories and delight you with your own walk in the past.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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