What Do You Think Is The Most Popular Lego Technic Right Now?

I am a huge fan of lego technic and I want your opinion of the best lego technic and most popular.
I think one of them must be the cherry picker and that is what I have.
If you answer this question, please answer my question and also tell me some lego technic that you have if you have any.
This is a question out of boredom.

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  1. I am a huge Lego Technic fan. Probably the best is the LEGO Technic Motorized Bulldozer 8275
    , but Lego is sold out. You can get it off Amazon or eBay for a lot less than the original price. I got mine off eBay and it’s the best Lego creation by far. There is the new power functions that can be built into most of the new Lego models. You get most of the good ones with the bulldozer. The best part about it is that it can be controlled by a remote. There are some new models that they just came out with recently. They’re featuring the LEGO Technic Off-Roader
    but I would go with the LEGO Technic Telehandler
    . They have a new thing called a hydraulic actuator that uses a turning Lego shaft to extend and contract the hydraulic cylinder. It seems really cool. It’s a lot better than the pneumatic hydraulics. I would still get the bulldozer if i were you because it is by far the best model they have made to date.
    I have a lot of Lego Technic models. Some of my favorites are the new bulldozer, the cherry picker, the large tractor, the combine, the red telescopic handler, and I also have the Mindstorms NXT
    (even though its not part of the technic they use the same kind of bricks). I have a lot more and those are just some of my favorites. I would also like to get the large black tow truck. but that will have to wait till I get a little more spending money. Anyways, I hope that answered your question.

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