How To Preserve A Lego Display?

My wife is building the lego death star. It very large and expencive. Does anyone know a way to preserve it so it wont break so easy? For obvious reasons, she doesnt want to glue as she builds.

What Do You Think Is The Most Popular Lego Technic Right Now?

I am a huge fan of lego technic and I want your opinion of the best lego technic and most popular.
I think one of them must be the cherry picker and that is what I have.
If you answer this question, please answer my question and also tell me some lego technic that you have if you have any.
This is a question out of boredom.


This is one of the best LEGO creation I’ve ever seen. A LEGO pop-up creation.
It’s common that we see a pop up greeting card but this is just awesome. I couldn’t believe it myself when I watched this video and saw the whole building popping up from a closed box. An awesome Lego pop up style book that consists of 4,500 bricks and weighing almost nine pounds, the Lego Buddhist pop-up temple is truly a marvel of Lego engineering.