Go with the Flo

This model of Flo, from Pixar’s Cars, is just fantastic.  Peter Blackert (lego911) has managed to capture the iconic Cars look perfectly.  I especially love the way he’s used an upside-down fender piece for the bottom lip.  Also, the fact that he brick-built the eyes, rather than using a sticker, really puts it over the top.  I’d love to see this built from real bricks, rather than as a render, but I doubt most of the parts are available in this color.  If you’re a Cars fan, or a fan of cars, take a look through Peter’s Flickr gallery, it’s chock full of great models.

Disney Pixar Cars - Flo

Double-decker London Routemaster bus

Ralph (Mad Physicist) is assembling a fleet of British vehicles for displays he contributes to as part of the Brickish Association in the UK. His latest is a Miniland-scale Routemaster, better known as the double-decker London bus. Ralph captures the iconic curves wonderfully.

Routemaster (1)

I never got the opportunity to take a ride on one while I was in London a few years ago, but oddly, there’s one that a local garden center uses as a greenhouse up the road here in Seattle…

What’s Inside a Brick?

According to flickr user Tikitikitembo, there’s a whole city in there. This awesome microscale municipality fits neatly into the bowels of a brick-built 2×4. The blue lining on the box is a touch that works magnificently, and there are lots of neat pieces in the structures, ranging from the super old-school to the brand new.

Mini Lego city in Brick

Images of Lego Avengers sets

Marvel has revealed the first pictures of some of the upcoming Lego Avengers sets. The sets and minifigs look good except for Iron Man, who must have been modeled after a bobblehead version 🙂

Via Brickset

Bionicle tiger

Mike Nieves (retinence) builds the most unique Bionicle creations I’ve seen. What’s unique about a tiger you ask? For starters it’s not a humanoid warrior.

Mr. Kitty

And even a Musketeer in the Chandelier

Seth Christie has concoted this riotous scenario of the dashing gentlemen Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, as they engage a befuddled company of the Cardinal’s men, to showcase the fantastic Musketeer figure from Series 4. Beyond the amusing bedlam in the tavern, this diorama is brimming with crafty techniques, like the paintings above the stairs, and the slate flooring.

Three Musketeers

Perhaps coincidentally, Seth has released this just in time to coincide with the awesomely-Steampunkish new Three Musketeers movie.

Elegant Antique Car: The Alvis TA-28

Marcos Bessa (aka Marcosbessa) may have invented the Alvis TA-28 solely to express its stylishness in Lego form, but you’d never know it. This classy car perfectly embodies the panache of the roadsters from the first half of the twentieth century. I love the smooth curves Marcos has achieved on the hood and fenders, and he could not have chosen a more fitting color-scheme.

Get Robo!

I don’t know what the Get Robo company does, but I know I like this sculpture if their mascot by Ewok in Disguise. The robot is cute, and incorporates some intersting building techniques in the torso. Frankly, I think it’s better looking than the source image he based it on.

Commissioned Project Complete!