Toys R Us

And here we go again! Brian Lyles churns out another amazing outlet store, this time a Toys R Us. It has a fully detailed interior, a delivery truck, and one awesome giraffe. The facade on the building uses an interesting technique of a wall of windows that ends short of the cornice. The design is well thought out, and looks like it should be right there on the corner of a big city. Great job on this one, Mr. Lyles!

Oh, and be sure to check out his new site, Brick City Depot!

Courtesy Toys R Us by Brian Lyles.

Rødovre Townhouse

An incredible build, and quite unorthodox compared to those we see from across Flickr and other sites. This townhouse, based off a building in a Danish town, features a great cross-sectional view of the interior— with furniture and all. Check out the interior rooms for more great building techniques!

Courtesy Rødovre Townhouse by John.

Chili’s Restaurant

Courtesy Brian Lyles from MOCpages

I personally apologize for overlooking this, but to get to the point, this is why building in the Cafe Corner standard is so much fun. Anything can be built, and that’s why Brian Lyles figured, “Why not a Chili’s restaurant?” First off, the chili pepper is spectacular, along with its accompanying logo. The brickwork is superb and shows what one can do with an endless number of 1×2 plates. The building itself is well built too, with very nicely proportioned colors, like most modern buildings of today. There’s a lot of building tips that can be used in this creation, so take heed and maybe you can incorporate them into your own model someday. Look forward to more, Brian!