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Chicago style
Courtesy Chicago Style by Dark-Alamez
Chicago, Illinois – (BTT) The term “Chicago Style” may bring up visions of deep-dish pizza for some and well-dressed hot dogs for others, but for those who don’t have food on the mind, it may also extend to the world of architecture. While finished a little late to officially be a part of the Chicago School, it had been “only” 27 years since the Cubs last won a World Series when these beauties were completed.

Shop in the Orient!

BrickFanTown is at it again! Built by a group of Japanese AFOLs, BrickFanTown is thriving and now supports an “exotic” district. It features all sorts of small shops and alleyways from noodle shops to small kiosks under the awnings. The variations in colors and architecture is what it is all about, and that’s what I like best about these. They’re fun to look at, but they still maintain a realistic aura about them.

Very well done!

Dive Shop

Rarely is orange seen in MOCs of any type, but MOCpages builder Brian Lyles put it to good use. The simple storefront makes way for a good interior. Not overdone on the details, this building is a great display of architecture.

New Camera and New Building

New Camera
The white building is under construction, but I’m glad with how the new camera turned out. I really like the lighting that I caught on this one. I might change the white to a more rare color, but I still have to think that one over. Hopefully I can get this building completed within the month or so, so stay tuned!