Victorian Fantasy Fortress

Daniel García (AlterEvo) comes back from a half-year hiatus with this ground-breaking creation. The fact that it is actually a fantasy Victorian fortress makes it much more refreshing than yet another castle (not that I’m against castles). This almost looks like a combination of two models: a floating rock planted onto a town in the mountains.

You shall not pass

Alex P (Sirens-Of-Titan) is a newcomer into the Lego scene on Flickr, but his fantasy era builds are far above the works of a novice. This goblin-infested ruin boosts the highlights of a leaning round tower and grass stems used for spiky trees. The texture of the landscape is also well done, and that river is gorgeous.

Thanks for the tip Bart!

Beautiful, beautiful cheese floors

I’m consistently wowed by the geometric designs that Katie Walker fiddles with and frequently shares. It’s extra rewarding when she incorporates the results of her experiments into beautiful architecture like this grand staircase and mosaic floor.

LEGO Katie Walker Eilonwy77 Grand Staircase in Queen's Palace

Her arm clad in purest shimmering samite…

“The Lady of the Lake” by Brandon Bannerman (Catsy) combines innovative lighting, forced perspective, and a little software wizardry to create a gorgeous Arthurian scene.

The Lady and the Blade

Don’t miss Brandon’s setup shot for more info on how he achieved this photo.

Of course, everyone knows that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

Eon Castle

Newcomer Lolino has posted another fantastic creation: Eon Castle. I really enjoy a castle with a bit of mottling, and I think Eon Castle accomplishes a nice, random look without being too busy. I particularly like the tower and the wood structures.

St. Phillip’s Chapel

There’s a certain grace in simplicity, and I do believe this build captured some of that essence. LegoLord posted this lovely little chapel, complete with columns, arches, and recessed windows. I like the little details that pop up to make the building visually interesting.

Castle of the underworld

Ivan Angeli from Serbia presents a bloodcurdling red castle in an underground city from the Dungeons and Dragons universe. The extreme proportions of the architecture is fitting of the fantasy genre. Check out the gallery on Brickshelf for more photos including construction and detail shots.