It’s Pretty Fancy….

Courtesy 1913 by Noro
A unique approach to the modular standard. The variation in details is superb, especially those vertical gray tiles which break up the white really well. The car is a great touch too. Very turn-of-the-centuryish if I do say so myself! Great job!

Classic Red Barn

This took me about two months to produce. It originally started out with a really basic roofless frame of the building with any sort of brick I could find—mostly yellow and blue. From there I counted the pieces I needed and ordered a good amount of red 1xX bricks. Another order soon followed to complete the roof and grass.

By far the trickiest/irritating bit of this whole model was the top most roof sections. They can’t just sit on there, or else they slide off, pushing the middle roof section off in the process. So I had to place them on little hinges, which worked pretty well, aside from the fact that they leave little gaps near the top.

I’m really happy in how this turned out. I’ve never built a barn before, and now I finally have!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Welcome to the Ararat Hotel!

Courtesy Ararat Hotel by gambort
I think I have an obsession with hotels. Coming from a small town, we lack that elegance and style of an old fashioned hotel looming over the downtown, and that’s exactly what this model brings to mind. Great job all around on this one!

A Day at the Fort

Flickr user 2 Much Caffeine has created a compact little fortress for the Jolly Roger Competition over at ForbiddenCove. It’s simple, and that’s why it’s so successful. The white really contrasts nicely with the dark rock and brings out the structure as a whole. The courtyard in the middle is just like the real thing—the well, cannons, and door leading to the inside. I’m hoping this is part of something bigger…..

Courtesy The Fort as Isla D’Or by 2 Much Caffeine.

Town of Ararat in 1972

Tim Gould and Mike Pianta have created a terrific rendition of the Australian town of Ararat back how it was in 1972. Complete with angled city streets, train tracks, and very well-detailed terrain features such as the sand dirt and brick built trees, it’s easy to get lost in its detail. Check out more pictures on Brickshelf
Courtesy Ararat 1972 by gambort.

Seaside Church

Everything in this model just screams professional. The gate has a wonderful style to it and I especially like how the church is set at a slight angle to the otherwise parallel surroundings. The retaining wall is a brilliant idea and really complements the diorama quite nicely. Remember to check out the fountain area and the graveyard too!

Courtesy Seaside Church by Matija Grguric.