The Imperial Chinese Navy takes to the stars

I alluded to the opposing force that inspired my own microscale battle fleet, but it looks like I didn’t end up blogging Mike Yoder‘s fleet on its own. Well, this wonderful new poster created for Mike by Stijn gives me a great excuse to do so.

Imperial Chinese Navy Poster

All of Mike’s ships have a consistent design that visually places them within the same faction, while each vessel has a unique style of its own. I just love the little fighters!

Deck the hall with boughs of LEGO

The weather outside might be frightful, but we’ve got plenty to keep us inside and warm. And that includes building ornaments for our trees, if that’s the holiday you choose to celebrate.

Chris McVeigh has posted his series of five ornaments, each designed to bring a bit of life and character to your decorations this holiday season! Each has instructions, so happy building!

Revisiting downtown Tokyo

I’m still not satisfied with my indoor, winter/rain/Seattle photo setup, so I’ve been playing around quite a bit with post-processing to make up for the less-than-optimal lighting in my recent LEGO photos. After I finally posted my completed microscale Tokyo that I’d built a year earlier, I went a little wild with this next photo. I ended up turning it into a 1960s postcard, inspired by Godzilla battling some sort of kaiju as a visiting King Kong looks on.

Downtown Micro Tokyo

The scale varies within the scene, and is wildly incorrect for the Micropolis standard I used as the base, but my tiny Tokyo has everything I remember from the time I spent there in the 70′s and 80′s — old-style bullet trains and neon-hued commuter trains, brightly colored advertising cubes atop buildings in Ginza and Shinjuku, the ever-expanding industry around Tokyo Harbor, Meiji Shrine, the National Diet, and the iconic red and white of Tokyo Tower.

Countryside Keep for the Mini-Castle Contest

Each year, Classic-Castle runs a number of contests. Right now we’re in the middle of the Mini-Castle Contest, a sort of precursor to the massive Colossal Castle Contest. You’ve still got until October 31 to enter!

In the meantime, I invite you to check out some of the competition. Ru Corder has posted this lovely micro-scale landscape/castle mix-up. I’m in love with the timber fence-line.

Micro Falls Fortress is LEGO-licious

This micro-scale fortress is gorgeous and full of some nice techniques. The chainlinks at the top of the towers are a great touch, as is the green hairpiece standing in as a tree on the little island. Hats off to Sean & Steph Mayo! They are definitely builders to be reckoned with.

Hammer and tongs

Soren Roberts ([Soren]) was one of the earlier and most proficient builders of sub-minifig scale LEGO starships. His latest missile cruiser ‘Hammer’ is another fine example of clean lines, geometric shapes and controlled greebling.

Missile Cruiser - 'Hammer'