M3 Grant Medium Tank by PhiMa

LEGO M4 Sherman tanks are the single most popular tank to build, so it’s nice to see a builder break out of that mold and reproduce in LEGO a less popular but more interesting tank design. PhiMa does this with the tank that preceded the Sherman, the M3 Grant.

M3 Grant Medium Tank - "Jack The Ripper"

Three reasons I think the Sherman is so popular are because 1) They were the most common tanks by the end of World War II, 2) The convention is to build them in gray (standing in for olive drab) and gray is a fairly common color in LEGO, and 3) The structure above the chassis is fairly straightforward (though the curves are hard to get right in LEGO). In contrast, M3 Grants were used widely by British forces in North Africa, requiring tan instead of gray/olive, and they’re a lot more complex — especially with those two turrets — above the treads.

But PhiMa’s version isn’t just about the pretty exterior; he’s built significant playability features into the model, including a full interior and detailed engine.

M3 Grant Medium Tank - "Jack The Ripper"

Iron Mountain Legion Prowler APC

I’m sure it’s a surprise to see me blog about anything other than our charity auctions right now, but I’m giving it a shot. Here’s an APC for my Iron Mountain Legion military theme. I built and photographed this creation before my son was born in January, and I’m finally managing to get it uploaded.

Prowler APC 08

I built this to compliment the other creations that I’d already built for the theme. I’ve uploaded my initial sketch of the design, and hopefully, you can see a bit of my creative process. I tried to incorporate some of the details I used in the wheeled tank I built for this theme, including a similar front and headlight configuration, and beveled top. I also tried to add some APC functionality, like hatches, and a removable top (which I failed to photograph).

Dark bley war machines

Sure I could have made these two blog posts but to my eyes these two LEGO models look like they could be from the same universe so I’m indulging my imagination and putting them together.

First is the Fast Attack Vehicle by Kyle Vrieze (bermudafreze) in three variants. The whole design is cleverly built at an angle.

Fast Attack Vehicles

Secondly an older model F-90 ‘Comet’ by Joe and Will Merzlak (Brothers Merz) uses lots of hingeing and angling to give a brutal insect feel. And it’s a truly lovely photo to boot.

F-90 'Comet'

Tonka goes heavy

Fedde’s (Karf Oohlu) Tonka Heavy Assault Truck is far from its tame Brand-name counterpart. This armored vehicle of destruction is jam packed with cannons, missiles, and turrets to clean up a ground army.


We don’t often see mecha like this one by Ryuhei Kawai (kwi-chang). It has a large chunky flavor, and barely a smooth surface in sight. The various bristles all seem to have a purpose (grenade launchers, radar, ammo, etc.) and it manages to work. The addition of pistons on the back of the legs, as well as vents on back, add to a purposeful, frontal assault only, look.


War Machines Strike

Chris Edwards once again demonstrates proper way of controling the action with his latest diorama called War Machines Strike. Using clever building techniques as well as puns, Chris shows us what happens when intelligent combat robots throw down their weapons and go on strike, ha! Check out the full gallery on Flickr.

The Right Shot

Sometimes, getting the right photo of a creation seems to be as important as the construction itself. A poor photograph can reduce a great creation to mediocrity, and a great photograph catch the eye, drawing the viewer in to examine more closely.

The latter was the case with this vertical tank by Ribbitz over on flickr. When I saw a thumbnail of this photo in my contacts’ streams, I had to take a closer look. While I might like it if the gun weren’t slightly cropped out, the composition is still quite nice. The viewer gets the impression of a hulking, heavily armored artillery vehicle. In fact, the creation is quite small, and reveals nicely detailed legs.

HAU 'Seaside' Vertical Tank