Indonesia BrickFest 2010

DUNIA BRICKS INDONESIA, is a new event organized by LEGO distributor in Indonesia. It is some sort of brickfest.

This is the first DUNIA BRICKS INDONESIA event and will be held on 13-14 March 2010 at Indoor Tennis Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta.

What you expect to see :
– Largest LEGO exhibition ever in Indonesia
– MOC Building Competition
– LEGO Collection on Sale

LEGO Craziest Sale – Last 2 Days

There is only 2 days left for the LEGO Craziest Sale. If you haven’t get your LEGO, you can go to StarKidz at Cambridge City Square, Medan now.

Up to 50 % discount available with additional 30% discount if you are using BII credit card.

Go now while it last.

Happy New Year!

LEGO Craziest Sale

LEGO Claus is coming to town. There is no reason for no shopping this christmas. Grab your favorite LEGO toys with special offers and LEGO Gifts.

Starting from 13 December 2009 to 3 January 2010, StarKidz – Medan, locating in Cambridge City Square, Lower Ground B05-B05A, is having the craziest sale ever in Medan.

Various of LEGO toys is available for discount for up to 50%. And if you have BII credit card, you are available for another additional 30%.  Grab your favorite LEGO toys and get free LEGO product.

Purchasing LEGO 7685 and LEGO 7746 will entitle you for a free LEGO 5620 in top of the discount offer.

Purchase 2 of Bionicles Glatorian and you can get a free LEGO Bionicles Atakus

and more …….

Check out the offer at StarKidz.

lego craziest sale| free lego products

LEGO Medan Event – Stay Tune

This December 2009, get ready for one LEGO happening in Medan.
Stay tune and check this site regularly.
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LEGO Pirates Event – Meet & Greet Pirate

Another great and fun activities during the LEGO Pirate Event at Sun Plaza Medan was the Meet & Greet with LEGO Pirate. A giant costume of LEGO Pirate replica was made and it was a big wow for the visitors of the Sun Plaza Medan.

Take a look at how the kids & their moms surrounding the pirate for picture taking.

pirate figurine

The teenagers were also keen to take pictures.

lego giant pirate

Another great fun for kids was that they were not only meeting the “pirate”, but they can be the pirate themselves. Supported by Professional Photo Studio, one of the largest photography studio in Jalan Iskandar Muda, Medan. With certain amount of purchase of LEGO products, the kid was entitled for one photo session in pirate costume for free. We had hundreds of photos taken on this 3 weeks event.

lego giant pirate

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LEGO Pirates Event – Building The Pirate

This is to continue the previous post on LEGO Pirates Event in Sun Plaza, Medan, Indonesia from 22 June – 12 July 2008

In this post, I will try to describe the process of building the giant pirate.
The pirate was divided into several parts :
– The pirate hat
– The pirate head
– The pirate body
– The pirate legs
– The parrot

In this LEGO Pirate Events, we invited kids from Kingston School, Medan to help the process of building this giant pirate. Due to its complexity (for kids), the pirate body was built by the employee of LEGO sub distributor in Medan, while the head and parrot were already glued.

Take a look at the picture below for the process of building by the Kingston School students guided by our team member.
– Building the pirate hat.

building giant lego pirate hat

building giant lego pirate hat

– Building the pirate legs

Building the giant lego pirate legs

Attaching the complete parts :
– First the leg

Building the giant lego pirate

Building the giant lego pirate

– Than the pirate body

Building the giant lego pirate

– The pirate head

Building the giant lego pirate

Building the giant lego pirate

– The pirate hat

Building the giant lego pirate

Building the giant lego pirate

– And of course the parrot

Building the giant lego pirate

Below is the picture of the Kingston School students with the pirate
Building the giant lego pirate

The next part was moving the giant lego pirate built to the big showcase in the mall atrium.
Building the giant lego pirate

LEGO Pirates Event


LEGO Pirates is one of the best LEGO event ever held in Medan.

LEGO Pirate

For 3 weeks, Sun Plaza guests experienced the “LEGO” environment.

Entering the mall main door, you will be greeted by “friendly” pirates from the mall customer service.

The main attraction of course will be the LEGO Pirate Showcase : a huge 6×8m2 display of LEGO City and the Pirates World

In the center of the showcase was the brand new 2.15m high pirates built up with 20,800 pieces of LEGO! The first pirate was built and exhibited in the US, and Medan has the honor to receive a brand new one from LEGO and be the first in Asia (2nd in the world) to show it off to LEGO fans in Asia.

I will be posting the rest of the activities on next post :
* Play Area
* LEGO Pirates Minifig Hunt
* LEGO Photo Building Contest
* LEGO Single Building Competition
* LEGO Parent & Child Building Competition
* Story Telling
* Meet & Greet with LEGO Pirates
* LEGO Pirates Building Happening