Centrum Excentrum

Courtesy Vasby Centrum by Skrytsson
Stockholm, Sweden- (BTT) If all malls in Sweden look like this, I’m just going to pick up and move tonight. Actually, this is a model of a mall’s front, built for a display by AwesomeProject. The building itself is great, but it’s only the beginning of the model. The brickwork, wastebasket, signage, curved window, and glass skylight all scream “Mall”, while still being interesting and visually appealing. If only their prices were as amazing as this building!

Too Cool for School

Pool Party
Courtesy Pool Party by eilonwy77

Los Angeles, California- (BTT) For kids and teens in a hot weather climate, nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a swimming pool. Not only is there no salt to get in your eyes, it’s private, can be accessed all the time, and you can swim AND snack, all at the same time. With this great pool deck scene, Katie (eilonwy77) has managed to fit in all of the feelings of summer into a beautiful little package. The curved wall, pool raft, multi-level deck, and great trees all come together to make this vibrant scene one of note

Modern Architecture

Vee Building
Courtesy Vee Building by Brickapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana- (BTT) Apartments aren’t always blocky, boring, and repetitive. Sometimes, they’re freestanding and unique. This fine building falls right into that category. From the “Vee” rooftop, to the glass-encapsulated bottom floor, this has all the traits of a modern city building. Apparently, it’s not new enough to escape the touch of modern street art, or as the rest of us know it, graffiti. The large brick built street helps to draw the eye to the building, then it steadily progresses up to the skylight at the top, ending in a pleasing overall view.

Justice for All

Bricklyn Borough Courthouse
Courtesy Bricklyn Borough Courthouse by sonicstarlight
Judicial Row – (BTT) Few things are more satisfying in life than seeing the innocent vindicated and the guilty punished, and where better to see the drama play out than in the courtroom. Standing tall among its neighbors is the Bricklyn Borough Courthouse, ready to dispense truth, justice, and all that other good stuff. The first floor features a mosaic tiled entry lobby, large conference rooms for lawyers to negotiate (read: scream) with each other, and offices for the various clerks and support staff. Head upstairs to the second floor to find the courtroom itself and the judge’s chambers.
* Full disclosure – this article’s author is also the architect, so take any claim of impartiality with a grain of salt.

Educational Benefits of LEGO

You know when your head hurts after staring at a really complicated model for hours on end? Well there is something going on underneath that noggin of yours. Check out this great little timeline and list of priceless benefits we get out of our favorite hobby. Thank you OnlineCollege.org for letting me know about this!


The Learning Power of LEGO

Breakfast in Bed

The Sleepy Oak
Courtesy The Sleepy Oak Inn by tiberium_blue
Old Mount Road – (BTT) Forget the big chain hotels – there is nothing like the charm of a good bed and breakfast. The Sleepy Oak Inn has been treating travelers to a one of a kind experience for years, and now that the snow has hit the ground, there is all sorts of fun to be had on the hills. Should the cold be a little too much, spend a little time in the cozy interior, warming up next to the fire.

Animal Farm

Courtesy Avalonian Farm by ZCerberus
Livestock Lane – (BTT) It’s good to get away from the city once and a while, and this little farmhouse is about as charming as they come. Little details abound on the facade – especially nice are the sand green shingles on the top floor.

Back on the Rails

Courtesy Train Station by valgarise
London, England – (BTT) As airports across the world continue to think of new ways to poke and prod the weary traveler, there is a certain romance to the humble railroad that has seen a bit of a resurgence as of late. A large part of the mystique lies in the stations themselves; relics of another era when travel was a momentous event rather than a bothersome burden. With its grand arched windows and bustling interior, this historic station gives proper respect to the term “first class.”

Par Excellence

Courtesy Rue de la Gare by Hoexbroe
France, 1967 – (BTT) We seem to be spending a lot of time in l’Hexagone as of late, and for good reason. This quaint street by the train station just oozes the kind of architectural charm the country is synonymous with, and the yellow Citroën parked out front adds an extra dash of local flavor to an already postcard worthy scene. Please feel free to join the discussion at the Eurobricks forums.

Keep Me Posted

Courtesy 10197 Alternate by Mugen
Main Street – (BTT) The surest sign that summer is truly over? For some it is the changing color of the leaves or the taste of apple cider. For others, it is seeing the fine men and women of the post office trade in their shorts for a pair of long pants. While seasons may end, the need for mail never does, and branches like this elegant building helps make sure every piece reaches its final destination.