LEGO Movie : Will There Be?

Yes, we have watched the Bionicles DVDs. But, what about bringing LEGO minifigs in a movie? Will it happen?

As published by, Warner Bros is developing a live-action/animation movie based on LEGO. This is all due to the success of Transformers and GI Joe (both are Hasbro figures)

The film is being put together by Warner Bros in association with LEGO company. Lego has famously been fiercely protective of its property in the face of regular Hollywood overtures, but warmed to the idea of a family-oriented flick embracing its key values of fun, creativity and boundless imagination.

The Lego movie will be a mix of live action and animation – presumably CGI, though the idea of a stop-motion take has a certain appeal. Dan and Kevin Hageman,are penning the script. There’s no director yet attached and no cast, though the red spaceman from 1985’s Lego Space Shuttle Fuel Truck Kit is said to be angling hard for one of the main roles.

Movies will raise more awareness for a brand, helping it to sell more while helping the studio makes more money by promoting movies which has been known by people.

So, when can we watch the first LEGO movie?
While waiting why don’t we catch the movie character which will be made LEGO by 2010 i.e. Toy Story

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