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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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2016 – Year of Monkey

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2011 bounces in on rabbit ‘tocks

かわいいレゴずき (“I Love Cute LEGO”) has their annual roundup of New Year greetings from Japanese LEGO builders up on the blog, replete with adorable bunnies to honor the Year of the Rabbit.

LEGO Year of the Rabbit nengajyou

But most unique of all this year’s New Year creations is this set of osechi cuisine by mumu from the resident builders at かわいいレゴずき:

LEGO Osechi-ryori

I always thought osechi food was a bit of an acquired taste, but I’ve said the same thing about traditional American holiday food. (In both cases, it doesn’t help that my choices are further limited by being a vegetarian from birth.) Whether you appreciate the source of inspiration or not, the LEGO version is a lovely evocation of a uniquely Japanese tradition.

Happy 2011, LEGO fans of the world! Scientists, please provide a status update on your abject failure to give us flying cars and personal robots. We are, after all, living in The Future…

Let’s play ball!

Check out this mecha by The Magic Tuba Pixie over on flickr.  This thing has some great functional looking greebles, especially along the back.  It certainly looks like there are pistons and stuff that help this thing move.  Add in the posability of this thing, and you’ve got a great creation.

Diomedes Soccer

LEGO Newsstand

A tiny little newsstand to complement any modular building. It is creations like these that rarely get built; the ones that are meant to supplement a major model and capture the day-to-day situations in life. I really like this model, I wish it was set all on its own! Good work, LG!

Courtesy LEGO Newsstand by lgorlando.

New Products From TokoLego

LEGO® Captain America

Harga: Rp274.900

Lindungi dunia terhadap bahaya dengan Captain America!

Buat Kapten  Amerika dengan kostum bertenaga dan perisai untuk menangkap penjahat apapun – kemudian kreasikan superhero anda sendiri!

LEGO® Hulk

Harga: Rp274.900

Lemparkan para penjahat terbang dengan Hulk yang bertenaga kekuatan super!

Buat pahlawan Avengers perkasa  dengan Hulk, mesin otot  yang dibangun untuk pertempuran dengan kekuatan super!

Iron Man

Harga: Rp274.900

Iron Man memiliki segala sesuatu yang superhero butuhkan: bertenaga baju besi, sinar repulsor, sepatu  jet dan Blasters! Dengan kekuatan seperti ini, penjahat super dunia manapun tidak memiliki peluang melawan Iron Man dan kelompoknya dari Avengers ™!

Melawan penjahat dengan Iron Man perisai dan senjata bertenaga!

Membangun Iron Man setinggi 7" dengan powered-up Blasters baju besi, dan sepatu bot jet, gabungkan superhero ini untuk kekuatan lebih!

Endor Rebel Trooper Imperial

Price: Rp269.900

Menciptakan pertempuran Endor dari Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi dengan pack  pertempuran fantastis baru. Dari tempat persembunyian pemberontak rahasia, mereka membantu tentara Rebel Endor meluncurkan serangan mendadak pada kekuatan Imperial. Termasuk 4 minifigures: Stormtrooper, polisi pramuka dan 2 Endor polisi Rebel.

Apa Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial?

Termasuk 4 minifigures: Stormtrooper, polisi pramuka dan 2 Endor polisi Rebel
Fitur Rebel dengan rak persembunyian senjata , speederbike dan 4 senjata
Rebel fitur persembunyian mengibaskan rudal
speeder bike panjangnya berukuran lebih dari 5 “(14cm)

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