The West Just Got Settled!

Western Market Street
Courtesy Western Market Street by Matija Grguric
The old-fashioned look is well brought out in this layout. It makes me happy to see a  western-themed model again. Plus, you know it’s an awesome model when you see a fence made out of droid legs and arms.
Of course, he built a church to go along with it. But wait! There’s more!


Western Countyside
Courtesy Western Countryside by Matija Grguric

Seaside Church

Everything in this model just screams professional. The gate has a wonderful style to it and I especially like how the church is set at a slight angle to the otherwise parallel surroundings. The retaining wall is a brilliant idea and really complements the diorama quite nicely. Remember to check out the fountain area and the graveyard too!

Courtesy Seaside Church by Matija Grguric.