Par Excellence

Courtesy Rue de la Gare by Hoexbroe
France, 1967 – (BTT) We seem to be spending a lot of time in l’Hexagone as of late, and for good reason. This quaint street by the train station just oozes the kind of architectural charm the country is synonymous with, and the yellow Citroën parked out front adds an extra dash of local flavor to an already postcard worthy scene. Please feel free to join the discussion at the Eurobricks forums.

A Splash of Color

Courtesy Lego Modular House by Skreenkiller
Bavaria, Germany – (BTT) Sometimes you just need to make a statement. Not that there is anything wrong with a neutral color palette, but being able to say you live in the bright orange townhouse certainly makes it easier for visitors to find you. The black and tan neighbor and white arcade with balconies above help bring balance to the composition, providing just the right amount of pop without going too far.

In The Loop

Chicago style
Courtesy Chicago Style by Dark-Alamez
Chicago, Illinois – (BTT) The term “Chicago Style” may bring up visions of deep-dish pizza for some and well-dressed hot dogs for others, but for those who don’t have food on the mind, it may also extend to the world of architecture. While finished a little late to officially be a part of the Chicago School, it had been “only” 27 years since the Cubs last won a World Series when these beauties were completed.

The West Just Got Settled!

Western Market Street
Courtesy Western Market Street by Matija Grguric
The old-fashioned look is well brought out in this layout. It makes me happy to see a  western-themed model again. Plus, you know it’s an awesome model when you see a fence made out of droid legs and arms.
Of course, he built a church to go along with it. But wait! There’s more!


Western Countyside
Courtesy Western Countryside by Matija Grguric

A 1930 Stroll in Paris

Courtesy Paris 1930 by 74louloute
Sorry for the lack of posting lately. But I found this one on ClassicTown and figured I should post it here as well. The use of the collectible minigifures and the busy atmosphere make for a great diorama. And, of course, the buildings are fantastic.

Buildings on Every Corner

Courtesy Urban Landscape #2 – 2011 by Jonathan Lopes
It’s a good chance we have posted something from Mr. Lopes before, but recently, he posted an update of his town with all sorts of cool buildings and models. Take a stroll past the fire station, through the train yards, or to Al’s diner. Or maybe you’re after a tattoo or want to play some pool? Let’s just say urban decay never looked so good.
Looks real, doesn’t it?

The New and Old

Courtesy Phase-3 by alienwarblack
I’m breaking my rule of not posting digital models…but this layout was just too good to pass up. The design of the buildings are very realistic and no doubt probably took a LONG time to build, but it was worth it. Scrunched in between the two buildings on the right is lgorlando’s barbershop.