1:52 scale Slave I

Junsier returns to Flickr with his best version of the Slave I. The almost sculptural quality of this creation captures the difficult curves of the ship. Jabba won’t have to wait long for his prize.

Kaiju rampage in the micropolis of Tokyo!

Between lack of LEGO time and an unsorted collection, I’ve been struggling with what to build for BrickCon — especially Big in Japan. I wanted to build Tokyo Tower, a big Shinto shrine, Ginza, and the National Diet Building. My solution to build them all was to go microscale.

Micro LEGO Tokyo

Naturally, every Tokyo skyline needs a rampaging Godzilla-style monster, or kaiju. From the moment I saw the alien in the LEGO Star Wars set Freeco Speeder, I couldn’t help but thinking he would make a great kaiju.

This was my first attempt at following the Micropolis Micro City Standard and gives me an opportunity to enter Reasonably Clever’s 2nd Micropolis Building Challenge (for which the deadline has been extended to July 24th, by the way).

After I’d finished six standard Micropolis modules for Tokyo, I experimented with some non-standard, non-urban modules, and ended up with Himeji Castle.

Himeji Castle

See more pictures in my photoset on Flickr.

Registration for BrickCon 2010 now open [News]

Registration for BrickCon 2010 is now open!

I highly recommend attending on principle, but you’ll need to register in order to participate in some of the community builds — including Big in Japan and the Vic-Viper Fly-in.

For those new to conventions, BrickCon 2010 will be in Seattle, Washington September 30-October 3. The Event Schedule is available online, as well as a list of nearby hotels. This year’s preferred hotel is The Maxwell Hotel–information on booking is available here.

If you need directions from Sea-Tac Airport to the convention site, Mark Sandlin has a fantastic write-up on “>how to make the trip for $4.50. That’s cheaper than gas to and from the airport.

Thanks to Adam Hally for the photo!

Stompy and Clompy

Sam W. (-infomaniac-) presents an innovative design for a mecha that uses asymmetry to great effect. At the same time, the Power Miners wheels and the coordinated sand green color blocking unifies the distinct elements of this creation. The large cannon is a very necessary feature.

The Cafe is Now an Embassy

There’s been a lot of Cafe Corner mods over the years, many of them seem redundant and lack any unique concept whatsoever. Flickr user, Atom For Peace, however, is an exception. Take a gander at the new Legoland Embassy. As well as being a terrific idea all in itself, the MOC is just fun to look at. The “under construction” look came across very well, and the white stands out perfectly for a government embassy. Keep up the great builds, Atom!

The horrifically magnificent Fort Flogwelt

Peter Woodley’s (lil grizzle) talent has slipped under our radars for over a year, but I’m glad to have stumbled across his latest Fort Flogwelt creation. This whimsically eerie fortress is crawling with creatively crafted horrors. The skull with the centipede in its mouth, the eyeball, and the hanging cage are just a few of my favorite details. You can see more pictures of the creation and a backstory on MOCpages.